5+ Best Property Management Companies in Houston, TX for Vacation Rentals

August 24, 2022 | Amelia Melching

The most populated city in Texas, it’s no wonder that every year millions of travelers turn to Houston as an international vacation spot. It’s a diverse and populated metropolis, full of remarkable landmarks, incredible dining, and an unbeatable art and culture scene. 

Which is incredible new for Houston property owners. So if you’re a Houston resident with a few — or multiple properties — then short term rentals are a great way to gain passive revenue. 

“Passive” revenue can be a misnomer when it comes to rentals: it can be some tough work, whether you’re figuring out how to price mid-length stays or what upsells you can offer for increased revenue. 

Luckily, property management companies take care of everything for you. So we’ve done of a review of the best property management companies for vacation rentals in Houston, Texas. 

Best Vacation Property Management Companies in Houston

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Doorstep Rental Management

doorstep rental logo

If you’re sifting through the various property management companies in Huston to take care of your short term rental with professionalism then Doorstep Rental Management is for you. They are a rare creature in the business, since they are both a boutique company and they offer an affordable, cost-effective rate to property owners and guests alike. 

They don’t use fixed contracts, either, and their local staff guarantees the tranquility of a quick and efficient response should any problem arise. At Doorstep, they believe that everyone should be able to have a comfortable travel experience. 

That’s why their promise of a “Carefree Rental Service” gives the chance to homeowners to help make that dream a reality, by means of a wheelchair ramp or an autism spectrum friendly home interior, with easily reversible changes to the property’s structure.

Buzz Vacation Rentals

When it comes to some of the top vacation property management companies in Houston, Buzz Vacation Rentals should not be overlooked. They’re a full-service business among the property management companies in Houston. 

They’re also present in Galveston and their partners include Airbnb, VRBO, VRMA, and the National Association of Realtors. They offer homes that are dog-friendly, have pools, are on the waterfront, in the woodlands, and much more throughout the Houston area. 

One satisfied customer reports: 

“We have used the services of a large national vacation rental management company for a couple of years to manage this property. The service and communication was not satisfactory for us, the service was honestly quite sub-par. We switched to Buzz Vacation Rentals a few months ago. Almost immediately our income and occupancy rates increased significantly.”

Location: 9597 Jones Rd. #1001, Houston, TX 77065


vacasa logo

Vacasa is a pinnacle of successful professionalism since this Houston property management company was first founded. This is because they receive more than three million guests every year, in their more than 35 thousand homes across 35 U.S. states, – and are present in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, and Canada. 

That is also why they have over 500,000 reviews with a 5-star level on their website. That’s more than enough to make them stand out among other property management companies in Houston, making them a leading contender when trying to choose the best one for your needs.

Sky Run

Sky run logo

Sky Run is located in the greater Houston area in Galveston. It still stands out among the property management companies in Houston because it mixes the local business approach with the national extension of its portfolio. They also employ a proprietary software tool to ensure immediate communication, maximum profit, and fast revenue accreditation for their clients, making their investment more cost-effective. 

No long-term contracts give freedom to the homeowners. That means that they can make use of their own properties in the absence of tenants and still enjoy the high-standard home care that Sky Run provides. 

All that said, after the onboarding process gets completed and the customized rental agreement is established, your property can start getting bookings on over 65 different sites. One of the reviewers on their site prices their customer service for owners and renters both, while the other remarks on their professionalism.

Soar Vacation Rental Services

soar vacation logo

Soar Vacation Rental Services offers its services in Galveston, but also in Livingston, Kemah, and surrounding areas like Houston. Its founder, Vonda Tackett, is from Houston herself. Her experience as a guest and an owner both have set the cornerstone for a philosophy that aims to provide a worry-free experience for homeowners and great experiences for their guests.

Being among the residential property management companies in the surrounding areas, they are a full-service and at your service company that shines through their professionalism. They will connect your property with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com through the latest technology. This will ensure around-the-clock turnover rates, constant occupancy, and a cost-effective investment in your home.

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company for your Vacation Rental

This small sample of property management companies in Houston is enough to illustrate the diversity in type and range of services that these property management companies can offer. Marketing, X, and X, are done with professionalism are less than the bare minimum for these commercial and residential property management companies. 

That’s why it’s best to perform the following selection criteria: isolate and hierarchize their most fundamental aspects and contrast them with their price — essentially confronting value with worth.

Locations They Cover

Location not only entails the availability of these property management companies in Houston and its surrounding areas, but also if they are local or a branch of an international company. It affects logistics and experience. 

For example, quick communication and coordination (like professionalism) should be a basic aspect of property management companies – not only with their clients, but also between the departments and subdivisions that constitute these entities. 

Communication and coordination are paramount when choosing among the many options of property management companies in Houston and its surrounding areas. For example, if they don’t have their own local maintenance and repair staff, it may be a bad sign. 

Or even if they do – but are not familiarized with local vendors in the city where your property is located – then that could be a problem. Your ideal property management company should have in-depth experience wherever your properties are located.

Services Provided

There are many services that vacation property management companies offer. They could add new features to your property, coordinate with local businesses to provide special discounts or other services, and provide the best cleaning services.

But you may be interested mostly (or solely) in their advertising and marketing services, because your biggest challenge has been finding guests; or maybe you just want tax or accounting support.

Whatever the case, if their services don’t coincide with what you need, it won’t be the right fit.


What you are looking for, whether it is in commercial or residential property management companies, is experience. It may not be wrong to choose an older, smaller company instead of a big one, but that may still be judging a book for its cover.

New property management companies in Houston, or in any other place, are often founded by people that had worked all of their lives for a big name company. Sometimes many property management companies and their abilities’ portfolio include all of that experience and professionalism.


Some property management companies are more expensive than others. But affordable doesn’t always mean valuable. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you read the fine print and establish exactly which services you’re getting from a company. 

Check if they charge by flat rates or revenue percentages, and if they charge start-up fees. You may also find that some property management companies have cheaper base rates but charge premiums for the services you desperately need. 

Whatever pricepoint you choose, make sure to take advantage of dynamic pricing software, like Wheelhouse, that can help you earn up to 40% more revenue and scale your portfolio with ease. 

Make Property Management Easier with Wheelhouse

usewheelhouse dynamic pricing

No matter which Houston vacation rental management company you choose, using the right PMS software will be key to getting the most revenue in the most efficient way.  

There are many property management software tools for short-term property management, but none reach the capabilities of Wheelhouse’s powerful AI. Its pattern recognition software, which analyzes over 10 million pieces of information, will bring the best market insights right to your property’s doorsteps. 

It has demonstrated that it can boost its user’s rental income by at least 20%, with an ever-increasing ceiling of 40% more revenue.

All you need to do is try Wheelhouse today, which has become an indispensable complement for the future of Houston properties–and beyond.


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