Introducing the new Wheelhouse *Pro*

April 23, 2021 | wheelhouse

Today, we’re sharing our *newest* version of Wheelhouse—, introducing a revenue platform designed for the needs of professionals & portfolios: Wheelhouse Pro!

In 2021, Wheelhouse’s mission — to be the most valued partner of ambitious hospitality entrepreneurs — remains as important, as ever. And, our new platform reflects major new investments in three (3) key areas, to help achieve that vision:

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22% average revenue increase, per listing, in 2020 🚀

Before we dive into your new Wheelhouse, we wanted to stress that the new Wheelhouse is only going to improve on the strength of what will continue to be our flagship offering — best-in-class dynamic pricing. To that end, we’re proud that in 2020, listings connected to Wheelhouse outperformed their competitors by 22.6%!

Yet, we are confident that Wheelhouse Pro will only help make our customer’s 2021 even stronger. Ready to learn more about the tooling that we think will make that goal a reality? Let’s dive in! (reminder: you can also watch a video preview here)

Our 3 favorite Wheelhouse updates:

1. Flat -or- Flex Pricing Plans

In re-launching Wheelhouse, we wanted to give every customer a choice in how to pay for Wheelhouse. Therefore, not only are we introducing a “free forever” tier, for 2021 we are going to offer our customers the choice between the same great product, paid for in whichever way helps you keep more revenue.

2. Automated Pricing for 18 Months 💥

Now, Wheelhouse Pro can price your nights perfectly — 18 months into the future. Thanks to continued advancements in both our data & modeling (learn more here), we can now help ensure that your listings can capture great rates for next year’s most in-demand nights.

As of today, you can edit, customize & automate up to 18 months of nightly prices — check it out on your calendar pages! To activate “Pro”, please sign up from your dashboard or subscriptions page, today!

3. Booking Scores are Live! 💯

Booking Scores is a new feature, designed to help you & your team capture the best bookings. Booking Scores calculate the expected value of each booking, through a combination of (a) nightly price, (b) length of stay, (c) lead time, and more — all in the context of similar bookings in your market.
As an operator, booking scores are a way to more deeply understand each listing’s performance.

And, for property managers, booking scores can help communicate the value of the service you provide to your owners/partners.

Two more *new* surprises! 🎉

1. Market Reports & Insights are available in every market 🌎

As you might have noticed, Wheelhouse started sharing our newest offering, Market Reports two weeks ago. Wheelhouse’s market reports can help you evaluate every aspect of your market. They can help you understand what’s happening today, while also giving you deep insights into your ever-evolving market’s past & future performance.
In recognition that 2020 has been a challenging year, our team made the decision to initially provide all market reports to you & our other amazing customers, free of charge through Q2 2021. Therefore, you can leverage this important data to ensure your calendars are set up for success in 2021.

2. Wheelhouse’s Advanced APIs are Live! 💻

Yep! We have new APIs live, as well. As of today, you & your team can access Wheelhouse’s pricing insights in an entirely new fashion, to either leverage our platform, our build out your own services. In the last few weeks, we’ve helped onboard 7 teams to these APIs, and we’re now ready to invite you & your team to make Wheelhouse a foundation of your business’s success as well!

Read more about our APIs here, or reach out to our partnerships team directly:

What’s next for you on Wheelhouse?

1. Comp Sets in Beta Testing

Darn right! Wheelhouse is weeks away from handing over the keys to the most comprehensive CompSet in the industry (read more about the foundation of our CompSets). In fact — message us, and we’d be happy to add you to our “Comp Set early access” list. While the proof will have to wait a few weeks, we’re willing to bet that the robustness of this Comp Set will give you unprecedented insights into how properties near you are finding success, and how you can leverage their learnings to drive your own success, as well.

2. Wheelhouse “Available Everywhere!” 📡

In the last year, customers have inquired about potential connections to 110+ unique channels & software partners. And… good news! Over the next few months, we’ll be working with partners to ensure Wheelhouse can be available to as many customers as possible. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, but get ready for Wheelhouse to interact with all your favorite channels & services!

Customer Success is more than just software

Despite being proud of our software & data we design & develop, the most important metric at Wheelhouse continues to be our 99% Customer Satisfaction score 😍. And, while we’d admit it’s a bit intimidating to imagine improving on that score, rest assured that in 2021 our team will amplify the ways that our support team helps you & your business thrive. It’s our highest honor to be a partner in your business’s success, and we look forward to continuing to serve you & your team in the year & years ahead.

Now… ready to see your new Wheelhouse?

Onwards 🙌

Team Wheelhouse!

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