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February 13, 2021 | Andrew Kitchell

Mashvisor is a complete revenue management tool for property managers and real estate investors.
Their mission statement is clear; Mashvisor states that their tools help investors:
Three things that we’re sure you’ll agree are key to any property rental or investment strategy.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at exactly what Mashvisor can do for you, the key benefits, pros and cons, pricing, and everything else you need to know about this revenue management tool.

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What Is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a revenue management tool. If you’re not currently using a revenue management tool, you’re likely trying to calculate and track your property rental prices using a spreadsheet or some other manual process, right?

If that’s the case, I don’t need to tell you how time-consuming that is. Plus, the reality is that you’re not listing your properties at the optimal price. Meaning you’re losing money as a result.

How do I know this? Without scraping market data, competitor listings, analyzing seasonal trends and collecting dozens of over data points, it’s not possible for you to know what the optimal price to rent your properties out for is.

Revenue management tools, and more so, dynamic pricing tools, we’re created to do all of that analysis – and more – for property managers.

This is exactly what Wheelhouse does. Our software scrapes millions of data points to provide you with all the data and information you need to know how to best price your properties and how rental markets perform.

Mashvisor is for people who just need the analytics piece as they’re doing research about whether or not to invest in a property. Wheelhouse offers this as well, but let’s do a quick review of Mashvisor so you can evaluate the platform.

Why Should You Use Mashvisor?

The short answer is that you should use Mashvisor if you are doing research in a space, it will save you a lot of time.

In fact, Mashvisor says you can turn 3 months or research into 15 minutes using their software. That’s a huge time-saving.

Here’s a closer look at the three core areas Mashvisor helps property managers/investors with:

Optimizing rental income – Firstly, as I touched on above, you’re not able to calculate the best price to rent your properties out for without good market data. Mashvisor collects all the key data points required to calculate nightly rates for your properties.

Furthermore, you can see how much you ‘could’ make per night, in a week, a month, and further afield at a glance.

Mashvisor calculates rental prices for both Airbnb and traditional listings. This data provides a useful comparison because not everyone can or wants to use Airbnb.

Understand local markets – Secondly, understanding local markets is important if you’re to understand how to price your properties and whether or not you should buy a property in a given area.

Mashvisor provides a lot of detailed data into markets. You can scroll neighborhoods via an interactive map and click into properties to see all the key stats.

You can then drill down on rental price, expenses, cashflow, cash-on-cash, payback balance, and more. Everything you need to make an informed decision on how much profit a property would make you.

Save time – Thirdly, and this is the big one, especially if you intend to grow your portfolio of properties.

Mashvisor saves you time in many areas, namely by providing;

Mashvisor Review

Having lots of accurate data is only as useful as it is easy to use. There are many revenue management tools on the market, and each has its level of difficulty, nuances, and features.

The good news is that Mashvisor is very easy to use. Moreover, it has a simple interface, intuitive for the most part, and presents a lot of data in clear visuals and graphs.

Something I have to point out about Mashvisor, however, is that its strengths are on the property investing side. If you want to analyze neighborhoods or larger areas for investment opportunities, it’s great.

However, if you don’t intend to buy more properties and are more interested in optimizing your nightly rates, there are better tools. Wheelhouse, for example, as we will cover in more detail later, focuses on refining dynamic pricing over time.

That said, Mashvisor is one of the few tools to combine both rental income and investing. It’s a great tool, goes deep into the income potential of properties, and there’s no question it will save you time.

Key Features and Benefits of Mashvisor

The key features or suite of tools within Mashvisor that help you improve your revenue and ROIs include:

Interactive map search – The feature most people will find themselves using the most is the interactive map. It has many different features to explore. For example, you can scroll across any areas you’re interested in, just like you’re using Google maps, and click on properties to see the income potential.

Above all, you can use this to find profitable properties, look at your competitor’s properties, and get a feel of the rental prices in a particular area.

Property heat map – With a click of a button, you can activate a heat map. This displays the occupancy rate from green to red. For instance, the green areas indicate a high occupancy rate, and the red indicates low occupancy.

This makes it really easy to find ‘hot’ rental areas on the map. You can then filter by properties for sale that meet your criteria, and you’ll have a list of properties for sale in a high rental demand area.

Mashvisor Pricing

Mashvisor has three monthly pricing plans as follows:

Lite – $17.99/mo. This plan allows you to analyze individual properties.

Standard – $49.99/mo. This plan allows you to analyze wider areas along with some additional features.

Professional – $74.99/mo. This plan unlocks all of Mashvisors features and gives you allows you to analyze large datasets.

You can use Mashvisor for free if you want to get a feel for using the tool. The features are minimal with the free plan, though. So, you’ll need to upgrade to pull any meaningful data.
Mashvisor Pros
Mashvisor Cons

Mashvisor Alternative

Wheelhouse helps professionals & portfolios maximize revenue from their short-term rental listings with dynamic pricing, market reports, and CompSet tools.

Built by world-class data scientists, the Wheelhouse Pricing Engine analyzes 10 billion data points every night.

Users report seeing up to a 40% increase in revenue when pricing with Wheelhouse over trying to set prices manually, with some writing online that they increase their revenue 100%!

Wheelhouse has the longest running pricing experiments in the space – having had a team, led by a PhD Data Scientist – that has collaborated together for more than 6 years. That is extremely rare.

Moreover, it is the only platform that has had their algorithm tested & approved by external marketplaces – as they co-developed their pricing with both VRBO & TripAdvisor’s data science team’s inputs & feedback.

In addition to the performance of the model (which in 2020 increased revenue by 22.6% for the average listing), Wheelhouse has some other strengths.

Access Your Free Market Reports

Available free for a limited time, get granular insights into your local market and see how your portfolio performs compared to the competition with Wheelhouse Market Reports.

Wheelhouse is visualizing trends from previous years in your market. As well as sharing predictive analytics for what they expect to see for the upcoming year.

Great for operators who have listings and want to see how the market is performing. With Wheelhouse, they can adjust accordingly, OR those who are interested in investing in a new market and want to see what the competition is like.

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