5 Things We Love About Bookipro

March 30, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

In this review, we’ll be taking an in depth look at Bookipro, as well as some of it’s most popular features.

As a property manager or vacation rental host, there are tasks involved in managing your properties and improving your revenue management.
From marketing your property and checking in guests, to continually analyzing the market and taking care of all the financials – it’s a lot to juggle.

You may already use some individual tools. However, if you want to streamline all of your processes and maximize your revenue, you need to use an all-in-one rental software.

This is exactly what Bookipro does. Bookipro is a property management software (PMS) designed to automate and streamline all of the tasks involved in managing a vacation rental.

So let’s explore 5 features people love about this vacation rental PMS.

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Bookipro Review

Self-titled as “The ultimate PMS designed by rental professionals,” Bookipro is a complete all-in-one PMS solution for property managers.

Whether you manage 4 or 400 properties, and no matter what type of properties you manage, you’re going to benefit from the suite of tools and features specifically designed to help property managers.

The company started out as a personal project for one of the biggest vacation rental companies in Spain around 10 years ago. Since then, Bookipro has grown into a global company and their software is used by thousands of rental managers all over the world.

5 Things People Love About Bookipro

International Support

Many U.S-based software companies are limited in the time zones and languages they are able to offer support for.

Bookipro is a Spanish-based company, and they’ve added support in several other key locations around the world. They currently have a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Mallorca, Buenos Aires, and Miami.

This is a welcome benefit for Spanish-speaking users. As well as everyone else around the world wanting support out of U.S. standard business hours

Wide Range of Connectivity Options

Bookipro says they are the only vacation rental PMS in the world that is capable of connecting users with more than 650 online travel agencies, simultaneously.

This means you’ll almost certainly be able to connect Bookipro with your chosen booking platforms. In addition, you’ll likely be able to connect more platforms that you considered using before to maximize your reach.

Automate Your Entire Reservation Cycle

Managing bookings, checking in guests, and checking guests out are some of the most time-consuming tasks involved with managing a rental.

Bookipro has tools to streamline and automate 100% of the reservation cycle. From the time of booking all the way through to checking out, Bookipro delivers an automated and smooth guest experience.

Powerful Channel Manager Options

A channel manager is the core tool of any PMS. It’s through the channel manager that you’re able to rent your properties through all of your booking platforms.

Bookipro has partnered with four of the best channel managers on the market; d-edge, SiteMinder, YieldPlanet, and RentalsUnited.

You can opt to use whichever channel manager you want. Giving you the flexibility and peace of mind that you’re making the most of your bookings.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting Features

Good analytics and reporting features in a PMS are essential. The better they are, the more detailed and accurate insights you can get into how your properties are performing.

One of the features users love about Bookipro is how comprehensive and flexible their reporting tools are. You can dive into the historical data on your properties and explore the metrics most important to you.

This gives you the opportunity to identify where you can make adjustments and improve how much revenue you’re making.

Bookipro customers can now leverage Wheelhouse to Earn More Revenue From Each Listing!

Wheelhouse helps professionals & portfolios maximize revenue from their short-term rental listings with dynamic pricing, market reports, and CompSet tools.

Now, with Bookipro & Wheelhouse, property owners have another great way to save time, earn more revenue & scale more effectively. Built by world-class data scientists, the Wheelhouse Pricing Engine analyzes 10 billion data points every night.

Users report seeing up to a 40% increase in revenue when pricing with Wheelhouse. As opposed to trying to set prices manually, with some writing online that they increase their revenue 100%!

Wheelhouse has the longest-running pricing experiments in the space. Moreover, they have an experienced team, led by a PhD Data Scientist – that has collaborated together for more than 6 years.  That is extremely rare.

In addition, it is the only platform that has had its algorithm tested & approved by external marketplaces. As a result, they co-developed their pricing with both VRBO & TripAdvisor’s data science team’s inputs & feedback.

In addition to the performance of the model (which in 2020 increased revenue by 22.6% for the average listing), Wheelhouse has some other strengths.

Access Your Free Market Reports

Available free for a limited time, get granular insights into your local market and see how your portfolio performs compared to the competition with Wheelhouse Market Reports.

Wheelhouse is visualizing trends from previous years in your market. As well as sharing predictive analytics for what they expect to see for the upcoming year.

Great for operators who have listings and want to see how the market is performing. With Wheelhouse, they can adjust accordingly, OR those who are interested in investing in a new market and want to see what the competition is like.