5 Things We Love About CiiRUS

March 30, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

In this review we’ll take a closer look at CiiRUS as well as some of it’s most popular features.

As a vacation rental host or property manager, there are many moving parts to managing your properties.

Whether you’re taking bookings and preparing properties for guests or analyzing performance and handling the bookkeeping, you can easily end up juggling several software apps and tools.
This is where all-in-one vacation rental software is a life-saver.

Software applications like CiiRUS are designed to help you manage all of your booking platforms. Also known as a PMS, property management software can help you keep organized and increase revenue. CiiRUS includes a channel manager, and other tools through one central dashboard.

So let’s explore 5 features people love about CiiRUS.

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CiiRUS Review

CiiRUS is a cloud-based vacation rental software designed to help property managers better manage their reservations and guests.

The company is based in Central Florida and was founded by Roberto Dicarlo (CEO) and Roger Parry (CTO) in 2008.

Robert and Roger wanted to transform the vacation rental software market. By bringing a new, innovative, and more complete solution to the market – CiiRUS was born.

CiiRUS encompasses a suite of tools that help vacation rental owners automate, manage, and streamline their business operations.

5 Things People Love About CiiRUS

Comprehensive Software Does Everything Under One Roof

CiiRUS is a PMS that enables you to easily manage your property. All while integrating your booking platforms & other third-party tools you’re using to run your rental business.

As your single-source of truth, CiiRUS helps eliminate errors, improves communication, and keeps teams & guests up to date.

Knowledgeable Support on Hand

CiiRUS has a huge team of knowledgeable staff on hand to help out with any issues. They have tech support to help you through any onboarding or IT issues. In addition, CiiRUS also has team members with considerable experience in the vacation rental industry.

They do a great job of making every user feel like part of their extended family. You can reach out to their team via live messenger, helpdesk, or look through their extensive FAQ and user manuals.

Intuitive UI and Easy to Use

Vacation rental software has to be easy to use and implement with minimal disruptions. One of the things we love about CiiRUS is how intuitive the navigation menus and central dashboard is.

CiiRUS offer onboarding training as part of the setup. So users with minimal experience using PMS and booking software can pick up this software and use it.

Mobile Support

Mobile support is a huge plus that a lot of other tools overlook. As a busy property manager, being able to communicate with guests, check availability and booking information, and carry out other tasks on the move is essential.

You can also set tasks and communicate with your property management teams via the CiiRUS Task Manager App. Ensuring your operations are set 24/7.

Flexible Pricing

CiiRUS has two flexible pricing options; you can either opt to pay a flat monthly fee of $25 per property. Or, you can pay a flat monthly fee of $5 per property and a 1% transactional fee.

Both plans give you access to all of CiiRUS’s features. So you can choose the perfect plan based on the number of properties and the value of bookings you’re taking.

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