5 Things We Love About SynXis Sabre

March 23, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

If you’re in the market for a property management tool to manage your vacation rentals, there are few tools more popular than SynXis. In this review, we’ll take a closer at SynXis by Sabre and look at some of the best features it has to offer.

SynXis is a central reservations and property management software. More specifically, it’s designed to help anyone in the hospitality industry streamline their processes and improve guests’ experiences.

It’s used by everyone from property managers and vacation rental hosts to large hotel chains. SynXis is a robust software with a number of tools to help you make more money.

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So let’s take a in depth look and explore the 5 features that people love about this rental software solution.

SynXis Sabre Review

Sabre Hospitality Solutions are one of the leading technology providers in the hospitality industry. They have a range of tools and software solutions. In addition, they serve more than 40,000 hotel chains and resorts across the world.

SynXis is one of their platforms that encompasses a suite of tools to help property managers better manage their properties.

Whether you have one vacation rental or a growing portfolio of properties, the SynXis platform will help you streamline every aspect of your business.

From checking in guests and providing them with a personable experience, to using detailed insights to find areas to improve on. SynXis is a powerful software solution.

5 Things People Love About SynXis Sabre

Wide Range of Connectivity Options and Integrations

SynXis isn’t going to be the only tool or software most property managers use. It’s going to be the central hub where all of your other tools connect and the data flows through though.

For this reason, SynXis connects with a long list of tools and other platforms. Integrating it with the booking platforms or PMS you’re currently using shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re unsure about how it’ll connect with your current tools, reach out to their support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Knowledgeable Support on Hand

With long-standing relationships with boutique and global hotel chains around the world, SynXis Sabre’s staff has a wealth of experience dealing with clients of all sizes.

From getting help with onboarding to and ongoing training to more complex issues like identifying areas where you can improve your business, it’s reassuring to know knowledgeable staff are on hand.

You can contact their customer support via phone or email. In addition to contacting support, you can ask questions within the hospitality community you have access to as a member.

You Can Pick and Pay for the Tools You Want

So one of the pros about SynXis that you don’t always get with other software is the ability to pick and choose which tools you want. You then only pay for those tools.

For example, you can opt to use just their booking engine or central reservations tool if that’s the only tool you need in your business right now. Or, you may want to just test one tool to get a feel for the platform before committing to more.

It’s nice to have this level of flexibility. Moreover, it also means that SynXis will be able to scale with you as your business does without you paying for features you don’t yet need.

Intelligent Booking Engine

SynXis says their modern booking engine will drive growth in direct bookings. More direct bookings means higher occupancy and more profit, so this is a tool a lot of users are excited about.

It does this by offering a dynamic and personalized booking experience. SynXis’ booking system is quick and fluid, and it sorts and stores data for returning guests.

‘Guest Experience’ Feature

SynXis has developed a Guest Experience feature that builds a profile for each guest profile. You can use this profile to assign a score, set rules, and customize future stays for repeat guests.

While it might not apply to every host, for those that have repeat guests this is a great feature. Giving a guest a personalized experience based on their previous stay provides a level of engagement. One not matched by many other property management solutions.

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