Hybrid Pricing: The Next Evolution of Dynamic Pricing

September 20, 2022 | John Maus

Introducing Hybrid Pricing

Today, we’re excited to introduce the newest generation of the Wheelhouse Platform & Pricing Engine.
In total, there are dozens of product & feature updates in today’s launch. 
However, each update is part of a new evolution of the dynamic pricing landscape that we call Hybrid Pricing.
Hybrid Pricing enables teams to simultaneously leverage our industry’s two primary pricing strategies:
And, importantly, in creating a bridge between these two pricing approaches, our team discovered a way to unlock a vastly new ecosystem of pricing strategies & tooling.
We call this new ecosystem Hybrid Pricing, and it is the foundation of our most flexible, powerful & delightful pricing platform yet person cartwheeling 
We’re thrilled to share this new ecosystem with you today, and we’re fairly confident you’ll soon echo the sentiments of early users who have shared: 
“Hybrid Pricing sure feels like magic!” unicorn  

Hybrid Pricing: the Great Unlock

Historically, operators & revenue managers have had to choose between the lesser of two evils:

To bring out the best of each of these approaches, Wheelhouse Hybrid Pricing is comprised of 3 critical components.

All of these must be executed exceptionally well to make Hybrid Pricing valuable to your revenue management practice.

Therefore, today’s launch features the additions of – and updates to – the following aspects of the Wheelhouse pricing platform:
#1:  An exceptionally intuitive & scalable Rule-Based Pricing  New! 

#2:  A deeply researched & powerful Data-Driven Pricing  Updated! 

#3:  An elegant & seamless bridge  New! 

Collectively, these three components open up an extremely flexible, customizable & scalable revenue management foundation.

Let's check it out!

Ready to future-proof your revenue management with Hybrid Pricing?
Let’s check out the newest evolution in dynamic pricing here:

Ready to take Hybrid Pricing for a spin?

Hybrid Pricing is available to everyone as of today.
It’s part of our Wheelhouse Pro plan, so you can test it out easily now.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing many more tips & tricks for leveraging this powerful new approach to dynamic pricing.
We can’t wait to see how you take Hybrid Pricing for a drive!
Team Wheelhouse

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