13+ Best Property Management Companies in Destin, Florida

January 13, 2021 | wheelhouse

Whether you already own a vacation rental property or you’re considering purchasing one, there’s no doubting that the passive income potential is an attractive proposition.

In addition, you always have a property of your own to enjoy when you want a break – that’s a pretty big perk.

Owning a vacation rental is only ‘passive’ if you hand over the day-to-day maintenance, though.

If you’ve managed a vacation property yourself, you’ll know it feels far from ‘passive’ at times. From marketing your listing and managing property maintenance companies to dealing with guests, there’s a lot of work involved with managing a rental optimally.

This is where Destin, Florida rental property management companies come in. Specifically, these companies handle all of the logistics involved in owning and renting out a vacation rental.

In this article, we’re looking at some of the best vacation rental management companies in Destin, Florida.

Each of these companies will manage every aspect of renting out your property for you, leaving you to collect monthly checks and achieve that passive income dream.

What Is a Vacation Rental Property Management Company?

Vacation rental management companies do exactly as it sounds; they manage vacation rentals.

Some of the key tasks they typically manage are:
Obviously, Destin rental property management companies charge a fee for their service. However, something to be aware of is that they will often help you increase your revenue with management tools and may even off-set that cost.

In general, if you’re not enjoying managing your vacation rental yourself for any reason, we recommend at least reaching out to one of the companies below to discuss your options.

What to Look for in a Destin, Florida Property Management Company

Choosing a vacation rental management company is a big decision. Moreover, you’re literally handing over the keys to your property and trusting them to earn you the highest possible income.

So, to help you choose a great company, here are some key things to consider when making a decision:

Local expertise – Local expertise and knowledge are essential. So local guides will be able to provide guests with helpful tips and information, and they’ll better understand the market.

Customer service– Referral and returning business is important in the vacation rental space. In addition, make sure any companies you consider working with have dedicated customer support members and an excellent reputation.

Fees – Fees can vary a lot depending on the services a company offers. Therefore, make sure you run through exactly what services they charge for to get an accurate picture of much you’ll be paying.

Marketing– Certainly, marketing plays a pivotal role in this industry. So If you can’t keep your property occupied, you’ll lose out on a lot of revenue. Ask about how they approach marketing and how broad their reach is.

With this in mind, here is a closer look at some of the best Destin rental property management companies in Destin, Florida:

Best Vacation Rental Management Companies in Destin, Florida

1. Holiday Isle Properties, Inc.

Holiday Isle Properties has been a premier Destin rental property management company for the last 33 years.

In addition, they manage a wide range of rental properties like vacation homes, townhomes, condominiums, and more. So if you have a vacation rental in the Destin area, Holiday Isle Properties have the staff and expertise to manage it for you.
Location Destin
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Professional listings: Moreover, with high-quality photography and detailed descriptions, Holiday Isle Properties will create a listing that will convert.

Full management service: Holiday Isle Properties point out that they know how important returning guests are for business. So they provide excellent customer service to ensure guests are happy and have a great experience.

Owner portal: As a property owner, you can access a portal to see all of your property details.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review:
“We stayed at SouthBay #62, and it was wonderful. Easy access to the sand and water with a short walk to the beach! The condo is great, very spacious, and recently updated with new outdoor and indoor furniture. I have stayed there the last 2 years and am planning on making it a third next summer.” — Ashley

2. Best Beach Getaways

Best Beach Getaways was started in 2007 by two friends who wanted to create something. More specifically, something that addressed all of the vacation rental management market issues.

Since then, Best Beach Getaways has grown to manage more than 400 vacation rental properties. In the Destin, 30A/Beaches of South Walton, Panama City Beach, and other South Florida areas.
Location Anna Maria Island, Panama, 30-A, Destin, and Miramar Beach.
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Local offices: Best Beach Getaways has several offices in strategic locations to provide quick, so knowledgeable customer services and support are guaranteed.

Online marketing: They list your property on their own website and several of the best booking platforms like Airbnb, Expedia, etc., to maximize exposure.

More revenue: Above all, through a combination of industry expertise and reducing operating costs, Best Beach Getaways is confident that they improve property owners’ revenue.

Pricing: Pricing available with contracts.

Helpful review: “Highly recommend renting from this company! Mike went above and beyond to accommodate our family!! Because of Covid, our trip was canceled! We were able to reschedule easily and had lots of options to choose from!! We will definitely rent from Best Beach Getaways again!!!” — Kelly S

3. Vacasa

Not only is Vacasa one of the largest Destin rental property management companies in Florida, it’s one of the largest in the US. Currently, they manage more than 25,000 properties and host more than 2 million guests per year.

So they use the latest technology, and are well-known in the vacation rental space, and list thousands of rental properties in the Destin area.
Location Destin
Headquarters: Portland, FL, USA
24/7 support Hosts and guests can reach out any time of day or night and talk to someone. However, this is a service not offered by all Destin rental property management companies that goes a long way
Thorough cleaning: Vacasa is going above and beyond in the cleaning aspect. So they’ve started a program called the Vacasa Premium Clean program as a commitment to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness.

Powerful marketing: With a strong online presence across the US, when listing with Vacasa, your property

Pricing: Pricing available upon request and depending on the property details

Helpful review: ““I couldn’t ask for anything more from my local team. They’re attentive, not only to me but to the guests.” — Karen C

4. Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals and Real Estate

Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals have been managing vacation rental properties and selling real estate in the Destin area since 1982.

They have a team of vacation rental specialists with detailed knowledge of the market in Destin. In addition, with hundreds of rentals in their database, there are plenty of opportunities for hosts and guests.
Location Destin, Miramar Beach, South Walton, and City Beach, FL
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Exceptional customer service: Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals say their team is known for exceptional customer service. So they always try to find guests the perfect rental and tend to their every need.

Professional marketing: Moreover, when you list a property, their staff will take professional photos and write a description for advertising on their website.

Real estate: Therefore, if you are looking to buy or sell a vacation rental, Ocean Reef has a dedicated team of real estate professionals to help.

PricingPricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review: “We rented a place in Grayton Beach this year from this company. They are on the ball! The house was clean. We had a few issues when we arrived, and they sent guys over within minutes. We will definitely use this company again. The staff was friendly and VERY professional!” — Matt M

5. Compass Resorts Vacation Rentals

Compass Resorts has been managing vacation rentals since 2006. They say they have a simple philosophy, “We say what we do, and we do what we say.”

What they say is that they listen to the needs and wants of hosts and guests. In addition to offering responsive service and operating with the highest level of integrity.
Location Destin, Okaloosa Island, and South Walton.
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Property management: Compass Resorts offers a complete vacation rental management service. In fact, you hand over your keys, and their team of experienced property managers will handle everything.

Excellent customer service: MUltimately, they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. So Compass Resorts understands this is a hospitality industry. Guests must always be happy.

Professional marketing: Generally, when they manage your property, the team at Compass Resorts put together a property listing on their site and market your property for you.

PricingPricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review: “I’ve used Compass Resorts for booking my vacation the past two years at Silver Beach Towers. From the reservations department (phone & online) to the Front Desk staff, I’ve had nothing less than stellar service.I highly recommend Compass Resorts and Silver Beach Towers.” — Jade P

6. RealJoy Vacations Property Services

RealJoy Vacations Property Services is a Destin rental property management company owned and operated by locals. Moreover, they say this gives them an advantage when it comes to providing guests with excellent experiences.

They provide a complete rental management service. So you can trust that their team of professionals will handle every aspect of renting out your property. Ultimately, all you have to do is collect a check each month.
Location Destin, Okaloosa Island, Walton Beach, and Panama City.
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Individualized marketing: RealJoy Vacations treats every vacation property as unique because it is. So they will create a unique marketing strategy to maximize your property’s exposure

Communication: As a property owner, you can access a portal 24/7 to check on your property stats. Therefore, you can call or email support, and you’ll receive monthly statements.

Property maintenance: They perform detailed inspections after every guest leaves. Furthermore, RealJoy uses professionally trained cleaners and property maintenance teams to keep your property in excellent condition.

PricingPricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review: “Your company is the Chick-fil-A of your industry–Awesome! I am confident that my new condo will be a great income generator just like the other you manage for me.” — Kim

7. ScenicStays

With more than 175 years of combined experience, the team at ScenicStays are no strangers to managing vacation rentals in the Northwest Florida area.

More specifically, ScenicStays make it their priority to help hosts increase their revenue, maximize occupancy, ensure properties are maintained to a high standard, and satisfy guests.
Location Northwest Florida
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Property management: RealJoy Vacations treats every vacation property as unique because it is. So they will create a unique marketing strategy to maximize your property’s exposure

Professional photos: In addition, their team will take professional photos and promote your listing to their audience and online.

Fast payment: They pay after a guest leaves a property, not in the following month.

Pricing Pricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

8. Salt Water Vacations

Salt Water Vacations have been serving the state of Florida’s Emerald Coast for more than 30 years. Moreover, they specialize in managing vacation homes, condos, and cottages in the Destin, 30A, Fort Walton, and Navarre areas.

They provide a full-service, personalized vacation management service. So if you’re looking for a professional destin rental property management, Salt Water Vacations are worth considering.
Location Destin, 30A, Fort Walton, and Navarre
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Full-service management: Sale Water Vacations provides full-service management. So you get to talk to a dedicated manager and view your stats in your owner portal and leave the rest to their team.

Regional and national advertising: They advertise properties both regionally and nationally to reach the widest possible audience.

Direct check-in app: In addition, they use the HomeAway direct check-in app and keyless entry to ensure guests can seamlessly and quickly check-in to properties.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review: “Beautiful place, we will definitely be back. The most amazing thing was being able to sit on my balcony in the morning and drink my cup of coffee, listening and watching the waves come in.” — Veronica A

9. Southern Resorts

Southern Vacation Rentals is a member of the Southern Rentals and Real Estate family of companies. Currently, they’ve been in business since 1995 and manage hundreds of vacation rentals across southern Florida.

Moreover, their mission is “to exceed our Customers’ and Owners’ expectations by providing the highest quality experience and service along the Gulf Coast.”
Location Southern Florida
Headquarters: Destin, FL, USA
Maximize revenue: Their marketing and revenue teams will work with you to ensure your properties are making the maximum revenue and meeting their potential.

Minimize expenses: Luckily, they also actively look for ways to help you minimize your expenses. Increasing your bottom line and improving your processes.

Property care and management: Above all, Southern Vacation Rentals handle every aspect of managing your property and commit to keeping your investment in excellent condition.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request and depending on the property details.

Helpful review: “We’ve been renting through Southern Vacation Rentals for several years. They have done an excellent job for us. We trust them to not only rent out our condo but also to take excellent care of it. Working with such a dependable company makes renting a much more stress-free experience!” — Rudy L

10. Turnkey

Turnkey is a Destin rental property management company with offices in several states. In addition, they manage thousands of properties across the US and have offices in Destin.

Understanding the challenges vacation rental owners face, the founders of Turnkey started the business to “enhance the lives of vacation rental owners and travelers by offering a consistent and reliable vacation rental experience.”
Location Florida
Headquarters: Austin, TX, USA
Vast expertise: Generally, as a huge organization with offices across the US, you get the advantage of vast expertise economies of scale large companies offer.

24/7 support: Turnkey provides 24/7 support. So any issues for guests or hosts can be resolved quickly.

Premium management: As a host, you get access to premium management services. Specifically, this includes housekeeping, marketing, digital locks for added security, and more.

Pricing: Pricing available with contracts.

Helpful review: “We had a great time. Our cabin was very clean. They were very quick with text responses when we had a question. We will be coming back.” — Brittani Travis
Link to learn more: https://www.turnkeyvr.com/Destin

11. Destin Palms Vacations

Paul Couch started Destin Palms Vacations in 2013. At first, Paul was working as a realtor for a brokerage in Destin, Florida when he had the idea to create Destin Palms Vacations.

Destin Palms offers a full circle of rental management services, in addition to realtor services if you’re in the market to buy or sell.
Location Florida
Headquarters: Miramar Beach, FL, USA
Maintenance coordinator: In addition, Destin Palms Vacations has maintenance coordinators to ensure properties are being kept in excellent condition and turned around quickly.

Premium customer service: Moreover, as a family run business with staff on-site, Destin Palms are able to offer responsive and knowledgeable customer service.

Real estate professionals: So if you’re thinking about selling or buying more properties, Destin Palms’ real estate team will help you with every step of the process.
Pricing: Pricing available with contracts.

Helpful review: “Very helpful staff for an enjoyable vacation. All the accommodations, supplied for the stay and clean home near the beach.” — Jason P

12. Gibson

Gibson Beach Rentals, Inc. is a vacation rental management company based in Miramar Beach. Moreover, they offer a complete rental management solution for hosts looking for a hands-off approach to renting their properties.

Specifically, they focus on Destin, Sandestin, and Miramar Beach areas and also offer real estate services.
Location Destin and Miramar Beach
Headquarters: Miramar Beach, FL, USA
Open communication: Above all, Gibson Beach Rentals are proactive about establishing good communication and personal management.

Full-service management: Interestingly, they say there is “no work from the owner required” once you sign a contract for them to manage your property.

Trusted property maintenance: In addition, Gibson Beach Rentals have relationships with trusted vendors, interior designers, cleaning teams, and other property maintenance services.

Pricing: Pricing available with contracts.

Helpful review: “These people are 100% customer service oriented – they work hard to please customers at all levels. No nonsense – just make it work; strong in their commitment to a clean and quality rental, and a highly efficient and responsive model for other rental companies to follow.” — Nels R.

13. Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

Founded by Jeanne Dailey in 1985, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties is one of the longest-operating, most-trusted vacation rental property management companies in the Destin area.

Voted Best Property Management Company by the readers of Emerald Coast Magazine, the team prides itself on exceptional service, innovative use of technology, and premier maintenance, management and real estate services.

Location Okaloosa Island, Destin, Crystal Beach, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, 30A

Headquarters: Miramar Beach, FL, USA


Exceptional customer service: Standing behind their 100% performance guarantee for prompt reliable service, Newman-Dailey’s caring, dedicated team of professionals earn high marks for customer service and responsiveness.

Innovative Use of Technology: With a quest to use the latest technology tools, the team uses the premier software for property management services as well as premier housekeeping app, keyless entry and thermostat control provider, dynamic pricing software, and more.

Premier Cleaning & Maintenance: As a locally-owned, family run business, the team has long-standing relationships with the best vendors and cleaners in the area and are able to offer proactive maintenance, premier cleaning services and knowledgeable customer service.

Real estate professionals: Ranking among the top 10% of real estate agencies on the Emerald Coast according the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors (ECAR), Newman-Dailey’s team of real estate professionals are extremely knowledgeable on the Destin real estate market and enjoy helping clients achieve their dreams of homeownership at the beach.


Helpful review: “What I really like about Newman-Dailey is that if you have an issue, they fix it immediately. We’ve gone through hurricanes, bad tenants, we’ve had it all! Newman-Dailey is always responsive! I love that!” — Patty Anderson, owner of Dolphin’s Cottage

Final Thoughts

If you have a property that can be rented out as a vacation rental, there is nothing holding you back.

As you can see from above, there is no shortage of excellent Destin rental property management companies that can handle everything for you.

So the first step to earning passive income is to start calling the companies above and finding one that best suits what you’re looking for.

There are few better feelings than handing over the keys to a rental knowing they are going to do a great job managing the property on your behalf.

Are you interested in keeping up with the trends in hosting your Airbnb property? Add these blogs to your list and stay on the cutting edge of owning a vacation rental.

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