Wheelhouse Presents: Ratestrology

April 1, 2023 | Andrew Kitchell

After 9 years of channeling electricity through quartz crystals, the leading minds behind the Wheelhouse Pricing Engine have unlocked the ability to harness and apply cosmic demand patterns to attract occupancy and raise your revenue awareness to the next level.

Our innovative new algorithm tracks hundreds of relationships between astral bodies and their complicated aspects to millions of listings all over the world, revealing the search data that humans have been seeking for thousands of years.

Wheelhouse’s proprietary technology automatically assesses each listing’s unique attributes, location and planetary alignments to build a custom natal demand chart. Each day the Wheelhouse Ratestrology engine will ingest thousands of degrees of planetary movement to track demand across the cosmos.

With Wheelhouse’s Ratestrology you will receive the most accurate indicators of success for your property:

  • Capitalize on abundance through Jupiter aspect tracking
  • Comprehensive positive review generation using Venus Conjunction automation
  • Coordinated Mars Trine marketing drips
  • Mercury Retrograde alerts to have an extra maintenance person on call
  • Uranus Aspect event yielding
  • Comprehensive sun sign guest to property compatibility analysis
  • And so much mor

Wheelhouse knows that professional Revenue Seers manage their properties best and sometimes need to take the reins where conflicting planetary aspects make the future unclear.

With Ratestrology’s Moon Phase Tracker directly on our tape chart, users can quickly identify whether demand is waxing or waning in your markets.




Leveraging Wheelhouse’s Ratestrology engine you can now automate your cosmic influences, save time sifting through horoscopes and optimize your revenue management. 


Along with our daily breakdown of planetary transits and aspects, any property manager can become a professional ADR Auger in the snap of a finger.





To leverage Wheelhouse’s Ratestrology in your organization, contact sales@usewheelhouse.com to learn more. Don’t forget to ask about our bundled professional astrology suite: RateTarot.



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