New Feature: Hypothetical Listings

November 2, 2021 | Amelia Melching

Plan out the best 2022.

The timing is right to expand your portfolio and explore how our newest feature can help. Introducing hypothetical listings.

We just launched an exciting new feature to help property managers and investors understand what a listing would hypothetically look like before they invest. Hence, hypothetical listings. Learn more about them below.

What are Hypothetical Listings?

Hypothetical listings allow users to see property values in markets worldwide without linking their owned property or listing.

For example, let’s say you are thinking of buying property on Presidio Ave, San Francisco, CA. Before the creation of hypothetical listings, users purchased the property without proper analysis, lacking a complete understanding of the long-term investment.

Wheelhouse’s new feature allows users a real-time inside glance, helping you to conduct the necessary analysis and generate reports before investing.

Whether you are looking to invest in vacation homes in the United States or a studio apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hypothetical listings will empower you to make smarter investment decisions.

Exciting, we know.

If you’re looking to plan out the best 2022, this feature is essential.

One of the best parts about hypothetical listings is that users can easily create them from their listing page, integrating it seamlessly.

Why Did We Create Hypothetical Listings?

We value Wheelhouse users highly; therefore, we create features that will encourage intuitive investment and revenue management decisions.

Everyone is looking to expand right now. Whether you’re a property manager or investor, you’ll see the potential of this tool: 

Property Managers

    • Win new listings and business this time of year


    • Analyze potential investments
    • Review CompSets and Market Reports for any address or listing type

Hypothetical listings enable you to look into local listings and gain access to in-depth concept analysis.

Imagine getting the opportunity to know the predicted base pricing, comp set, and estimated performance of a hypothetical property.

The analysis gained from these listings saves time and money before making investments.

How to Create Hypothetical Listings

Thanks to hypothetical listings, gaining valuable market knowledge is now readily available for Wheelhouse users.

Ready to dive in? Follow the steps below on how to create a hypothetical listing or watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

1- First, find the “Add Hypothetical Listings” section on your dashboard and click “Select Location.”

2- Click “Get started” and then type in the desired address into the search bar on the top left and click “Next”

3- In the next screen, proceed to include all of the attributes for your listing.

4- Next, click all of the relevant amenities. When complete, click “Create Listing.”

5- Once created, you will then view your new hypothetical listing under the “Listings” page. *Notice the blue triangle to the left that distinguishes hypothetical listings from active ones.

Your Turn

One of the best parts about hypothetical listings is that you can get started today!

The usage of our hypothetical listing feature will ultimately change how property managers and potential buyers look at a market.

Discover all of Wheelhouse’s beneficial features that are enhancing the short-term vacation rental market.


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