The Next Evolution of STR Data

June 25, 2021 | Amelia Melching

In this insights-packed session Jeremy Gall (CEO of Breezeway), Andrew Bate (CEO of Safely), Jason Sprenkle (CEO of KeyData Dashboard), and Andrew Kitchell, (Founder & CEO of Wheelhouse) bring a unique range of industry backgrounds to the table to deliver an all-encompassing discussion on the future of Pricing, Ops & Customer Data in and around the STR space.

There’s a wide breadth of data available to operators in the STR space, sometimes an overwhelming amount! Watch this webinar to hear tips they’ve learned from being in the space themselves, gathered from unique customers and operators in various industries, and more.

Watch the full recording or check out the question-by-question breakdown below where each speaker weighs in on a specific area. 

Full recording: The Next Evolution of STR Data

Part 1What’s the one stat you advise customers to know and track to understand and improve operations?

Part 2:  What have you learned from hotels and other industries/operators about insurance and the safety of your customers?

Part 3: How are you thinking about data and pricing strategy within an ever-changing landscape?


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