AvantStay Vacation Rentals Review [2022]

September 22, 2022 | Hailey Friedman

Are you craving an escape to the mountains of Wyoming? Or maybe you need a helping hand for your short-term rental in Maui. Today’s travelers and homeowners have plenty of options for vacation rental management companies. 

But how do you pick the right one? 

We’ll help you narrow it down with this AvantStay Vacation Rental review. 

Based in West Hollywood, California, AvantStay is a vacation rental site managing short term rentals in 80 countries worldwide and specializes in group vacations. We’re talking large groups, whether it’s a family reunion or corporate retreat. 

Plus, they have the respect of reputable publications, appearing in the New York Times and Business Insider. The company has endless positive reviews regarding comfort, competence, and price satisfaction. 

Speaking of price satisfaction, Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing tool helps vacation rental companies price their units high enough to make a profit but low enough to retain happy, repeat guests. 

But back to AvantStay — let’s start by exploring how it works and how it’s different from competitors.

How does AvantStay work?

The process is simple for both guests and homeowners.

AvantStay For Guests

All you have to do is check availability based on date and location. 

Take your pick! A desert villa in Scottsdale, Arizona? 

A cozy cabin in Asheville, North Carolina? 

Or perhaps a Queen Anne home in Austin, Texas?

Once you pick a city and date, you can view countless listings and order them by listing date, recommended listings, or price.

Avanstay Nashville Homes

Then check out the enticing photos, rental rules, occupancy limits, amenities, and other details.

Before you book, you’ll see a short summary of the rules, along with payment details and price breakdowns for the rental, cleaning, and other applicable taxes.

Avantstay price

AvantStay for Homeowners

AvantStay looks for homeowners with 4+ bedrooms in select destinations. On top of that, you’ll undergo a 12-month revenue projection to see if you qualify for AvantStay’s vacation rental management services. 

The company works with homeowners to decorate the unit with the latest interior design trends to attract high-class clients. You’ll see your home transform into a luxurious space with stylish finishes and locally inspired decor features.

Avantstay interior

After your unit is show-ready, AvantStay will take care of everything. They’ll list your rental on 50+ distribution channels, so no more endless notifications from Airbnb and Booking.com on your end. 

Plus, they’ll handle guest vetting and revenue management — features often missing in other vacation management companies. Trust us; you’ll appreciate the guest vetting– there’s nothing worse than finding out a guest’s cleanliness or party habits are different from advertised. 

Of course, all the standard property management aspects are taken care of too. Regular maintenance is a given!

Homeowners can access property information, analysis, and reservations in one convenient location — the owner portal. On top of that, a dedicated account manager smooths out any issues with knowledge and impeccable customer service.

hear from owners

Happy homeowners and guests are a strong start, but how does AvantStay shine over other vacation rental sites like Airbnb?

How is AvantStay different from Airbnb? What about Vacasa?

Let’s compare AvantStay with other vacation rental sites. We’ll cover the main difference between AvantStay vs. Vacasa and Airbnb.

AvantStay vs. Airbnb

AvantStay vs. Vacasa

AvantStay Review

Vacation rental management companies range widely in terms of services offered, quality customer service, cleanliness of units, maintenance schedules, accounting practices, and more. 

Let’s start with services:

Guest Services

Vacation Rental Management Services

Vacation Rental Management Fees

AvantStay doesn’t list its rental management fees on the company website. However, customers report satisfaction with revenue and maintenance. It’s helpful to note that AvantStay advertises a 20% increase in revenue for homeowners, leading us to believe the management fee would be significantly lower than that figure.

Homeowner Benefits

Avantstay earn more from your home

Guest Benefits

Guest and Homeowner Reviews

AvantStay has plenty of satisfied users, with positive reviews from guests and homeowners about Avantstay’s employees, homes, and vacation experiences. 

My husband and I love the hands-off owner experience AvantStay provides. It’s really nice to sit back and let them do the work, while still having our say in what we want and don’t want. We trust that they’ve got every single detail sorted out.”

        –   Renee M. 

“The house was in a beautiful, paramount location, has breathtaking views, and has luxury fit for royalty. We had a great time and obviously couldn’t have asked for a better location nor better amenities. The house management team was very attentive and helpful. 

          –   Tristan R. 

I was pretty nervous about handing the keys over to someone else to manage my property, but the security and technology AvantStay installed throughout my home is second to none and its all included and covered by them. 

           –  Mariah L.

The Bottom Line on AvantStay

Overall, AvantStay is a top choice for both guests and homeowners in the world of vacation rentals. Customers praise its above-and-beyond personal touches, luxurious finishes, and customer service. 

As for homeowners? Revenue management and maintenance, plus a 20% increase in income sounds like a fabulous combination. 

Are you currently using AvantStay’s services and looking for more ways to maximize rental revenue? You might consider exploring Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing tool to see even more profit. 

Wheelhouse helps you earn up to 40% more revenue and scale your portfolio through automated data analyzing, vast customization options, and easy integrations, 

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