7+ Best Ancillary Software for Short-term and Vacation Rentals: Upsells and Additional Revenue Streams

July 11, 2022 | Amelia Melching

With short-term rentals becoming increasingly popular, the upsell industry has been taking off. Many short-term property managers and vacation rental owners are looking for opportunities to upsell their offerings through ancillary services. 

By definition, ancillary means “supporting primary activities.” For short-term and vacation rental owners, these upsells provide additional revenue streams. And the easiest and best way to manage and implement these upsells is through the best ancillary software on the market.

New technology makes it easier for property managers to manage their property, from customizable dynamic pricing tools (like Wheelhouse) to upsell software. Missing out on these software means missing out on potential revenue, saved time, and improved efficiencies. 

What is ancillary software?

Ancillary software sometimes goes by the name “ancillary management system” (AMS). It’s a type of vacation rental software that:

As you can see, ancillary software isn’t always directly dedicated to outright upsells. It also can provide insights that can increase revenue indirectly, too.

Ancillary software for hotels

The original ancillary software for hotels was simple: the art of upselling. A customer representative might ask if you’d like a room upgrade, late check-out, room service, a robe to take home, and so on. 

But customers don’t only see these as upsells. Ancillary services improve customer experience and drive loyalty, especially through customer rewards programs.  

Ancillary software has surpassed hotels as their only environment. Airbnb’s and short-term rental managers are now using them too.

How can short-term and vacation rentals use ancillary software?

Today’s vacation rental management company can use ancillary software to meet every customer’s dream while traveling. 

If your accommodation is lakeside, you might offer canoes and kayaks to rent. Or, you could provide convenient services like luggage storage, late check-out, pet sitting, and more. We’ll get into more ideas for additional revenue streams in our next section.

Additional Revenue Streams and Upsell Options

Ancillary services are a chance to get creative with revenue. How can you best support your customer’s experience? For example, would they enjoy a dedicated fridge shelf with beers for purchase? That might save them a trip to the store, especially if they’re in a time crunch.

How Ancillary Software Supports Upgrade Conversions

Overall, ancillary software benefits all parties. Guests get to enjoy unforgettable experiences, while property managers watch their bottom line grow. Here are a few benefits of ancillary software:

Best Ancillary Software for Short-term and Vacation Rentals

Our take? The best ancillary software for short-term and vacation rentals is customizable for both property managers and guests. 

Let’s dive into our list of the best ancillary software:


duve logo

Based in Australia, Duve is primarily a guest management software system, though it has some ancillary software functions. The app allows guests to easily book upsells like transportation, early check-in, local activities, luggage storage, welcome packages, marketplace, and customizable in-house services for a price.


Eviivo prides itself on being a one-stop solution for everything that can improve a property manager’s efficiency with exclusive packages to rake in ancillary revenue from guests. 

Watch out for occupancy consistency, though. Some reviews cite issues with multiple bookings that cost them a significant amount of lost revenue.


mount logo

Mount is a completely dedicated ancillary software, especially for Airbnbs. The platform lets you offer creative upsells like scooters, paddleboards, personal trainers, kayaks, private chefs, masseuses, and much more. 

This resourceful ancillary software helps property managers and owners leverage what they already have to increase revenue. You can either buy new amenities to offer or sign up existing assets to work for you!

Enso Connect

enso connect logo

Enso Connect is a guest experience operating system that integrates with your property management software and other ancillary providers to facilitate personalized upsells. Their app, Boarding Pass, allows guests to check-in and out, arrange early check-ins and late check-outs, and access other services without having to phone a concierge. 

Even better, the app can be personalized to include your own branding, and configured with your terms and conditions. The program will soon offer connectivity with service providers in your local area to extend your offerings. 


zeevou logo

Zeevou calls itself a “global community” dedicated to helping short-term rental managers streamline their processes. A property management system,  Zeevou’s ancillary software offers a rewards/loyalty program, in which guests are rewarded for upgrading, booking more often, and spending more money. 

It also offers a single dashboard to manage your check-ins and an owner portal to help property managers watch their revenue. 

Minoan Experience

Minoan logo

Minoan Experience is a unique ancillary software that allows guests to purchase the furniture in the unit they’re currently renting. Have you ever noticed a lovely, futuristic lamp or divine, soft cushion in an Airbnb? So have guests! Now, they can purchase those eye-catching products with Minoan Experience with a referral link that goes back to you. 

Some product examples include modern speakers, mugs, coffee table books, and more.


ok2charge logo

OK2Charge is the first smart solution that offers EV charging for short-term rental guests. With the platform, guests can rapidly charge their electric vehicles worry-free while on the beach or exploring a local activity with the family. 

The platform is a great marketing tactic for environmentally conscious guests — and a perfect upsell opportunity. 

Best Ancillary Software for Your Short-term and Vacation Rentals?

The best ancillary software for short-term and vacation rentals depends on a few factors. Our advice? Conduct market research to find out more about your customer needs—are they interested in sports? Environmentally conscious? Luxury-minded? Learning more about your customer will help you offer customizable solutions to meet their needs. 

But one thing is constant for all property managers and short-term rental businesses: pricing. Regardless of customer profiles, your listing price can make or break your revenue each quarter. That’s why Wheelhouse works tirelessly to provide the most accurate competitor data, dynamic pricing strategies, and market research to inform laser-sharp pricing adjustments and customizable reports. 

Enhance your profits and pump up revenue with Wheelhouse today! You can book a free consultation and demo right now.


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