The 26+ Best PMSs (Property Management Softwares) in 2022

July 9, 2022 | Amelia Melching

Property management can be both a tough and exciting business: the more properties you have, the better the business…but also the more challenging it can become. This is why property managers turn to PMSs (property management systems) that’s going to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. 

PMSs can help you streamline your workload, save you time, and reduce the complexity of managing your property portfolio. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about PMS and which one is right for you and your properties.

What is Property Management Software?

Property management software (PMS) are tools designed to streamline all of your property management needs. From landlords with one extra property to property managers with several rental properties, a PMS will help you manage your rentals more efficiently.  

Property management software offer a wide range of capabilities, including:

With the wide array of features and functionalities that are offered by all of the different PMS companies, there is no question that investing in one will make your life easier–and help increase revenue while reducing management costs.

The Benefits of Using Short-term Rental Property Management Software

Owning a short-term rental property can be hard work–and even more so with multiple properties! PMS offers a host of benefits that can significantly impact how successful you are, including:

How Does Vacation Property Management Software Work?

Property Management Software allows you to combine all of the listing platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO,, etc. into one single easy-to-use dashboard. This makes updating bookings much easier. 

Every PMS offers unique features making each one slightly different but all of them valuable at the same time. 

Calendar synchronization and automated reminders are a major part of most PMS. This ensures there are no double bookings which can be detrimental to your business.

Best PMSs (Property Management Software)

No need to travel to your next PMS conference…we have all the important information right here with this guide to the best Property Management Software companies out right now.

You may find that if you’re already using a PMS that one of these would be a better fit, and if you’re not using one yet–this will be a game-changer for you!


wheelhouse logo

Wheelhouse provides a comprehensive platform to manage all of your rental properties. Wheelhouse gives property owners and vacation rental managers the freedom to customize your rates based on seasonality, last minute discounts, and much more, all while taking into account your property’s unique amenities.

You can rest easy knowing Wheelhouse’s AI-drive automation is hard at work analyzing 10,000,000+ data points every night, to ensure your property is consistently outperforming the market.

Who it’s for: Mid-size property management companies looking for ways to increase revenue and optimize stays.


avantio logo

Avantio offers vacation rental property management agencies an all-in-one solution to managing as many properties as they have.

Avantio offers features such as the Vacation Rental Management System (VRMS), Channel Manager, and website design. All of which help optimize operations of multiple vacation rental properties. Investing in Avantio will allow you to scale down the workload on your agency and see the benefits of data-driven automation.

Who it’s for: Avantio is for vacation rental property management agencies with several properties.


Barefoot logo

Barefoot is designed to be an all-in-one solution for short-term vacation rental property managers. Specifically designed to help you grow your business without having to hire tons of employees and spend every waking hour working.

From sales to customer support, Barefoot has all of the features you need to grow your business. Offering accounting services and legal document management are two of the major stand-out features at Barefoot.

Who it’s for: Barefoot is for all rental property managers. Regardless of how many rental properties you are managing, Barefoot can bring value to you. 


There is a monthly service fee that is determined by how many properties you manage, and then optional add-on services. Then:


CiiRUS logo

Ciirus is a vacation rental software that offers deeply integrated calendars, custom reporting, guest communications, field operation support, accounting services, and more. 

With their additional marketing capabilities and integrations, Ciirus works to provide more profitable bookings and reduce inefficiencies throughout all aspects of the business.

Who it’s for: Property managers with multiple properties.


Elina helps hotels, serviced apartments, and vacation rental property managers save time, increase revenue, and operate smarter. All of this is accomplished with their interactive dashboards, reservation calendars, dynamic rate management, forecasting tools, bill management, and much more.

Elina integrates with accounting software, channel managers, and payment gateways. This makes for a convenient tool that can cover all of your property management needs.

Who it’s for: Elina is geared towards multi-property owners


escapia logo

Escapia has been in business for over twenty years, resulting in valuable industry insights. From pre-built reports to actionable recommendations based on Vrbo data and unified management of schedules and tasks, Escapia helps travelers find properties in more places online for one flat fee.

Who it’s for: Escapia is for property managers with multiple properties–from 25 to 25,000!


getdirect logo

Direct is a short-term rental property and vacation reservation management software. Direct offers a single convenient platform for short-term rental managers to excel through customer engagement, trust accounting, and coordinating operations and distribution. 

Regardless of the size of your portfolio, Direct can help you fully integrate operations software, connectivity tools, accounting, and engagement solutions. 

Who it’s for: For properties that need help with reservation management.

Who it’s for: For properties that need help with reservation management.



Guesty was founded almost ten years ago by twin brothers Amiad and Koby Soto in Walnut, California. The platform received generous capital funding from investors like Apax Digital, Vertex Ventures, Flashpoint, and others.

Today, it’s leading property management software solution that helps property managers save time, improve profits, and expand their portfolios. 

Guesty users often have five or more properties that require day-to-day task management and operations. An end-to-end solution, Guesty aims to simplify business operations for property managers so they have more time to grow their business. 

Paired with a dynamic pricing tool like Wheelhouse, Guesty offers excellent support for rental managers that want to streamline their day-to-day tasks and scale their business.

Who it’s for: Guesty is for any property managers that want to establish better communication with their guests. They also offer the added benefit of being able to upsell products and services.


Hostaway logo

“The Leading All-In-One Vacation Rental Software for Property Managers.” As the tagline on the Hostaway website reads, it really is an “All-In-One” solution for property managers of all sizes.


Hostaway helps vacation rental property managers automate and streamline every aspect of their businesses across all major channels. 

Hostaway offers award winning customer support, scalable solutions for growth, the largest vacation rental marketplace, reliable technology, and advanced reporting just to name a few of the features.

Who it’s for: Hostaway is best for companies or managers with larger portfolios.


Hostfully successfully helps vacation rental managers automate, streamline, and better manage their businesses. This platform focuses on reaching more customers across all platforms, closing leads and deals quickly, and adding upsells for more revenue. 

Hostfully offers both a property management platform–that includes pipeline management, upselling tools, owner reporting, centralized calendar and platform for widespread channel distribution–and guidebook platform that provides travelers with property information and local recommendations as well as a custom welcome message featuring your unique brand.

Who it’s for: Hostfully can be used by anyone managing a portfolio of properties. Those who have the capital to pay annually would benefit the most from Hostfully.


Formerly SmartBnB, Hospitable is a vacation rental software solution that aims to save time and increase revenue for your business. Hospitable boasts a “white glove” experience for your guests.

With features like personalized automated voice conversations, automatic notifications for your whole team, and your calendar synchronized across all platforms, it is easy to see why Hospitable has such high customer ratings.

Who it’s for: Hospitable is for anyone who wants to make managing properties easier. With the 14-day free trial and the low base rate of only $25, Hospitable is a great option for those with a smaller portfolio.


Hosteeva offers a full-service vacation rental management solution. From pricing to listing to scheduling cleanings, Hosteeva has you covered.

Hosteeva instantly posts your property on over 85 listing sites which you can manage with their easy-to-use dashboard. They prioritize listings that provide the full home-away-from-home experience with fully functional kitchens, living and dining rooms, the best neighborhoods, and the cleanliness of a hotel.

Who it’s for: Hosteeva is for rental property owners that are looking for complete automation of their business without having to hire a property manager.


Hostify fully automates all of your property management tasks giving you more time to grow your business. 24/7 premium customer support is included with this smart property management system for short-term and vacation rentals.

Ultimate convenience can be found with Hostifiy, between having all of your inboxes unified to one and the channel manager integrating all channels.

Who it’s for: Hostify is for anyone managing a rental property portfolio. It is definitely more geared towards larger portfolios. 

They do offer a 14-day free trial so regardless of the size of your portfolio if you think Hostify is the right fit for your business you can give them a try with no commitment.


iGMS logo

iGMS is a vacation rental software designed to supercharge your short-term rental all year long. Thanks to the powerful integrations offered by iGMS, you can manage your vacation rental properties across multiple different channels all from one convenient location. 

iGMS can help you achieve success with efficient property management, channel manager, team and task tracking, and a suite of financial tools.

Who it’s for: iGMS offers a wide range of plan options making it a great option for any size portfolio from one or two properties to over 100. 


Kigo is an industry leader in vacation rental software. They offer a suite of features and tools to completely automate your vacation rental business.

Using the website builder will get you seen by more potential customers. And once you have a long list of customers, let Kigo’s 24/7 customer support handle all of their needs to keep them happy and coming back time and time again.

Who it’s for: Kigo is for those that are managing a property management portfolio and need more time. Anyone who wants to avoid having to hire a whole team of employees and pay for countless services will benefit from Kigo.


Lavanda makes managing a multi-family short or medium-term rental property easy. They offer all of the essential features for saving you time and money. Lavanda has a fully integrated CRM toolkit allowing you to capture leads and manage them all in one place.

Who it’s for: Lavanda is geared more towards larger-scale businesses. They are successfully working with many multi-family rental businesses. They do offer short and medium-term rental solutions.


LMPM (Light Maker Property Manager) is an enterprise-level property management system. This software boasts a wide range of features to help managers with any number of properties better manage their workflow.


LMPM has everything you need to manage a portfolio of properties efficiently. This is one of the more in-depth management software applications. 

You can automate everything through one central hub and they offer a great website builder.

Who it’s for: This software is aimed more toward experienced property managers with growing portfolios. They can manage everything in-house from a central platform making it appealing to those with several properties to manage.


Lodgify’s vacation rental software offers everything you need to increase your occupancy and income. You will get more bookings, connect with top channels, and save time with this software.

This platform has been designed specifically for vacation rentals, allowing you to fully automate your business for maximum optimization with property management software, a website builder, channel manager, booking software, and payment processing.

Who it’s for: With one of the widest range of features of all of the PMS out there, Lodify will bring value to anyone with a vacation rental property.


Mews is a modern technology-focused property management software solution. For anyone looking to automate as many of their workflow tasks and operations as possible, Mews is the right choice for you.

Mews offers an ecosystem of hospitality solutions designed to maximize revenue and enhance the guest experience.  That so called ecosystem consists of operations automation, modern guest services, a fully integrated payment system, visual dashboards that are customizable, and more.

Who it’s for: This software is targeted mainly at the hospitality industry m


MyVr or My Vacation Rental is a short-term rental property management software that offers fully integrated channel management. They offer real-time syncing from all other platforms keeping everything up to date and easily accessible.

Who it’s for: This is for anyone that is managing more than one property at this time across multiple channels


Rentivo logo

Rentivo is for property managers, tourism organizations, and marketplaces. They offer all of the features you need to save time and automate day-to-day operations. Rentivo can help you build a fully SEO-optimized website to start gaining web traffic today. Pair that with the integration of all major channels and you will be fully booked in no time.

Who it’s for: Property managers of all sizes will benefit from this software. Large-scale companies will find the platform more cost-effective although it can work for any property manager.


Smoobu logo

Smoobu offers an all-in-one vacation rental management solution. There are a number of tools to help you better manage your workflow and automate some of the major day-to-day tasks. Smoobu allows property managers to sync all of their booking portals in order to manage everything from one central platform.

Who it’s for: This software is for anyone managing a portfolio of several rental properties. If you already tried other software or are currently using multiple, Smoobu is the perfect solution.


Hosthub helps property managers list and manage their rental properties across multiple channels. They also offer a ton of helpful tools to aid in the optimization of property management.

Hosthub offers real-time syncing to optimize prices, communicate with your team, and most importantly avoid double bookings.

Who it’s for: Hosthub offers a solution to anyone currently using more than one platform to manage their properties.


Track also known as the vacation rental software of the future is focused on automating daily tasks and operations. What sets Track apart from the rest is its powerful hospitality CRM system and a comprehensive trust accounting system. 

Track’s hospitality hub helps property management companies grow with full-funnel digital marketing, booking engine, website builder, reservation software, and more depending on your specific needs.

Who it’s for: Track is for those looking to automate their day-to-day operations in the hospitality industry.


Uplisting is a property management software solution offering a wide range of tools to help managers better manage their properties such as, a unified inbox, multi calendar, direct booking engine, automated guest messaging, and much more.

Uplisting allows you to grow your short-term rental business without ever having to deal with double bookings, unhappy guests or upset clients. Through automation of daily tasks you can rest assured you are not missing anything. 

Who it’s for: This software is best for those that are managing multiple properties


zeevou logo

Zeevou uses cutting-edge automation, industry-leading training, and world-class support to help grow your hospitality business.

Zeevou is a property management system and channel manager that aims to increase the efficiency of your everyday tasks, minimize error, and improve the guest experience through automation. 

Zeevou also offers training from some of the leading players in the short-term rental industry and continuous support throughout your journey.

Who it’s for: Zeevou is geared toward the hospitality industry

Important Features & Functions of Property Management Systems

Property management systems are an essential part of any property manager’s business. Though it can be owner-dependent, most the important PMS features often include:

What are the Challenges in Managing Several Properties?

There can be challenges in managing several properties, but the good news is that most if not all can be reduced by using a PMS!

First and foremost, time management is the main challenge in managing multiple properties. You can not be at every property at once so it is important to keep a schedule. 

Emergencies come up and that can throw off your schedule which is why it is important to keep clear communication with anyone that will be affected by changes in your schedule.

Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance is another challenge that all property managers have to deal with. Having a cleaning crew scheduled when a renter checks out is essential but also staying on top of late check-outs or early check-ins will benefit everyone involved.

These are just a few of the challenges that someone with several properties faces on a daily basis. This goes to show how valuable PMS is for someone trying to manage multiple properties.

Who Needs a PMS and Why?

Property management systems are helpful for someone who owns one property down the street, or for companies that manage thousands of properties across the world. At Wheelhouse, we work with property managers at all stages of their career to help them optimize their pricing, increase revenue, and scale their portfolios.

And at every stage, a PMS is going to be helpful! Get started for free with us today to see how easy it is to customize your offerings and see more revenue without additional time or effort on your part!


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