31+ Best Property Management Software Tools For Your Growing Portfolio

March 1, 2021 | wheelhouse

If you’re the owner of a growing portfolio of rental properties, there is no doubt you will run into the inevitable growing pains. Luckily, this is where Property Management Softwares come in handy–as well as softwares for all sorts of vacation rental management support. 

There are dozens of property & rental management software tools on the market to help you solve any pain points you may encounter so that you can seamlessly scale your portfolio.

The difficult part? Deciding which property management software is best for you.

This is where we can help.

In this article, we’ve listed 31 of the absolute best – and many essential – softwares that every vacation rental manager needs in their  tech stack. To be clear, this is just strictly PMS–but it is all softwares that can help support various aspects of managing your property, from dynamic pricing softwares for short-term rentals to security solutions

But first, here’s some additional information on how integrating property management and vacation rental softwares can help you grow your business and bottom line together. 

What is property management software?

Property management software is programs, systems, apps, software, and other online tools that help property managers automate business tasks and better manage their rental properties.

There are many moving parts involved in managing a portfolio of rental properties.

Such as:

  • Setting up seamless checking in and out processes for guests.
  • Managing bookings and availability (across multiple platforms)
  • Scheduling property maintenance teams to clean and prep properties
  • Managing the compliance, insurances, and other regulations
  • Manage revenue management tools
  • And most importantly, ensuring your guests have the best possible experience.

There are software and tools to help manage and automate each of these elements. Some even help you manage all of them from one central platform.

One thing we can say without any doubt is that implementing software into your operations will save you a lot of time and money.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, you can also reduce the risk of booking bad guests, optimize your pricing, increase your occupancy rate, and develop more streamlined processes.

What to Look for in Good Property Management Softwares

There are a lot of tools on the market, and it can feel a little daunting at first. The key is to start out with an idea of what you want from a property management software. Here are the key areas to consider:

What Is Your Pain Point?

Every property manager has a pain point. Do you want more bookings? Do you need help with your listings? Is managing your property maintenance teams becoming too time-consuming?

There is a software solution for every problem. Start with your problem, and find software that automates and streamlines that area of your business.

Ease-of-Use/Ability to Scale

You’re integrating software to make your life and business easier. Therefore, the software you choose should be easy to use, not just for you but also for additional team members.

It should also be able to scale as you add more properties to your portfolio. Look ahead and see how the software handles more properties.


Price is always a factor when integrating software. However, the good thing about property management software is that almost all of the software we cover below are capable of returning a positive ROI.

Most property management tools base their pricing on the number of properties you’re managing. Look ahead into the future and see how the pricing scales if you were to add more properties.


In an ideal world, there would be a one-size-fits-all software solution for property managers. Some do come close, but the nature of the business means you will likely have to use some other platforms too.

Make sure any software you’re interested in integrates with the booking platforms and other important tools for your business.

With all the possible benefits and so few downsides, it’s really a no-brainer whether or not you should start using property management software. Also, with most tools offering free trials, there’s no harm in testing out a couple.

Here is a closer look at 31 of the best softwares to include in your property management tech stack so you can manage your growing portfolio with ease. 


The Top 31 Property Management Softwares for Your Growing Portfolio

1. Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse is an intelligent pricing software that leverages more than 10 billion data points to dynamically estimate the best price to list rental properties.

This software provides all the tools you need to manage any number of rentals. It helps you manage your calendar, generates the best price to list your properties for maximum occupancy and provides insights through a deep pool of data.

With an estimated increase of up to 40% more revenue by using their pricing calculator, it’s a smart move for any property owner to try it out.
Wheelhouse uses more than 10 billion data points across market trends, seasonality, similar properties, and much more to provide pricing insights based on real data.

You can either choose to “set-it-and-forget-it” or stay hands-on managing pricing on a daily basis. This software is flexible. It scales as you add more properties and gives you the option to take as much control as you want.

This means you can spend more time on things like improving your listing or physical property management and less time checking on your competitors.
  • The platform is easy to use, and the graphs look great
  • Lots of customizable options to personalize your experience
  • You can opt to have full control or automate your pricing.
  • The AI makes adjustments over time based on your historical data.
  • Whether you’re just getting started with your first rental or managing a growing portfolio, Wheelhouse is the perfect pricing companion to help you set optimal pricing.

    Pricing is one of the most challenging aspects of managing a rental. You want your properties occupied, but you also want to make sure you’re not underselling.

    Wheelhouse takes the guesswork out of setting prices. Replacing it with data-driven pricing to help you achieve that sweet spot of maximum occupancy for the highest price.
    Wheelhouse has different pricing plans to cater to Hosts, Owners, and Property Managers at any point in their property investing journey.

    Their Free plan is a great way to test out their tool, albeit with limited features. However, you can then scale up based on the number of properties you have and pay $19.99 per property with their Pro plan.

    2. Autohost

    Autohost is a security solution that enables property managers and hosts to screen guests before accepting them as guests in their properties.

    The tool was created by a team behind a successful hospitality company. While growing their business and hosting hundreds of guests, they realized a pain point they shared with a lot of other hosts;

    There wasn’t a good solution on the market to screen guests and reduce the risk of booking bad guests.

    So, they created Autohost to address this issue.
    Accepting bookings online comes with some risks. There is only so much you can do to verify a guest is who they say they are, are trustworthy, and most importantly, will leave your property in good condition. Autohost is a trust and safety toolkit. Moreover, It has a number of tools, all of which are designed to screen guests and outline any concerns the system has about that guest.

    You integrate Autohost with your booking software, it will then generate contracts, ask the guest questions, and do the screening work for you.
  • Access to their “screening assistant.”
  • Guest verification portal
  • Risk assessments.
  • Tenant Screening
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Social media validation
  • Digital contract generator
  • Background checks carried out.
  • This software is for anyone who wants an extra peace of mind that the guests they are booking are as trustworthy and reliable as possible.

    If you’ve ever had a bad guest and incurred some costs, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. In contrast, this software will likely seem like a sound investment.

    Autohost has three different pricing tiers; Pro, which is ideal for 10-50 listings, Growth for property managers with 50+ listings, and Enterprise if you have some bespoke needs.

    They don’t have any set monthly pricing plans. Autohoust encourages anyone interested to book a demo and they’ll discuss pricing with you.

    3. BookingPal

    BookingPal is a centralized booking platform with a range of tools to help property managers manage their portfolio.

    You can use BookingPal to list your properties and have your listings syndicated across several of the largest online rental marketplaces. Such as; HomeAway, Airbnb, Expedia, and Booking.com.

    They also have revenue management teams, guest inquiry services, channel managers, and other useful tools.
    BookingPal extends your property listings to some 30+ additional booking portals. Essentially saving you a lot of time creating and managing these listings while increasing your reach to more than 100 million more travelers.
  • Channel manager
  • Expert services
  • Distribution management
  • PCI certified payment management
  • Revenue management
  • Guest inquiry services
  • BookingPal is, as the name suggests, a pal that will help you manage your bookings. Specifically, If you’re struggling to manage multiple platforms – or if you want to start reaching a large audience – we recommend booking a demo.
    They do not currently have any set pricing plans. If you’re interested in trying out BookingPal, they offer a free demo and will be happy to discuss your requirements.
    Breezeway is a property care and operations platform offering a range of tools to help property managers streamline their operations.

    Moreover, through either the desktop application or mobile app, you can schedule property management tasks, coordinate your team, message guests, track your assets, and much more.
    Breezeway is a centralized software that operates as an all-in-one property management software.

    You can manage all of your bookings on a central calendar, assign tasks to your team, track progress, and communicate with guests… Essentially everything you need to successfully manage your portfolio of properties, all through one simple interface.
  • Task scheduling
  • Work coordination
  • Quality assurance
  • Guest messaging
  • Extended stays
  • Asset management
  • Owner reporting
  • Safety programs
  • If you’re currently managing your portfolio with spreadsheets, juggling several systems, or dare we say – using paper systems, Breezeway is a one-stop-shop to streamline all of your processes in place.

    Breezeway does not disclose their pricing plans. If you’re interested in testing this software, they do offer free demons on request.

    Wishbox is a software application designed to help property managers improve guest experiences.

    It does this by enabling you to send personalized communications, create contactless online check-ins, provide guests with custom apps, and more.

    It’s a revenue-boosting tool for most property managers. In addition, you can use Wishbox to upsell to your guests at various points during their stay by recommending products and services of value to them.
    The Wishbox platform integrates with other property management systems, enabling you to sync your guest data to their platform.

    You can then customize and manage your guests’ experience in a number of ways. Furthermore, you can provide them with a web app, communicate freely, and send automated messages, recommend products and services, and more.

    The key benefit of Wishbox is having a clear line of communication with guests through their web portal. That is to say, better communication means fewer issues, problems can be resolved quicker, and guests have a more enjoyable stay.
  • Send personalize arrival messages.
  • Create a branded guest app
  • Smart early check-in
  • Translation services
  • Easily upsell to guests.
  • Automate communications
  • Scan and collect important information
  • This software is for any property managers who want to establish better communication with their guests. In addition, there is the added benefit of being able to upsell products and services, too.
    Pricing starts at $5/mo per property. They offer a free trial, so you can test the software before committing.

    Guesty is a property management platform with a suite of tools to help property managers better manage their portfolio.

    To clarify, the main benefit of this software is automating or speeding up management tasks to save you time. Tools such as their multi-calendar and task assigning app can be huge time-savers.

    Through a clean UI you can sync bookings across multiple platforms, assigning tasks to team members, track key metrics, and much more.
    In short, Guesty captures data from multiple sources and other tools, and sorts that data in a way that enables you to streamline your processes.

    Moreover, this helps you speed up communications with guests, sync your property listings across multiple platforms, helps you organize your finances, optimize your pricing, and much more.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features
  • Automation tools
  • Channel manager
  • Mobile app
  • Multi-calendar
  • Owners portal
  • Pre-stay tools
  • Revenue management
  • Task management
  • This software is for any property managers who want to establish better communication with their guests. In addition, there is the added benefit of being able to upsell products and services, too.
    Guesty does not have any set pricing plans. They recognize that every property management company is unique and offer bespoke pricing based on each business’s unique requirements.

    Hostaway is one of the market-leadingsoftwares enabling property managers to streamline all of their processes.

    The tagline for Hostaway reads, “an end-to-end solution for professional short-term property manager.”

    The strength of this software is how it will save you time by automating several of the time-consuming processes involved in managing properties. It also has a wider suite of tools than some other software on the market, really providing an “end-to-end solution” as advertised.
    Simply put, Hostaway takes a lot of tasks off of your hands, and takes care of them for you.

    You can syndicate your listings across other rental platforms, centralize all of your communications, see all of your bookings on a central calendar, and more.

    Another key feature is that Hostaway uses partner integrations with Wheelhouse, Beyond Pricing, and PriceLabs to allow you to access their dynamic pricing data.

    Read more about how to list on HomeAway.
  • Channel manager
  • Auto-task manager
  • Direct booking website
  • Unified inbox
  • Multi-calendar
  • Unified dashboard
  • Mobile access
  • Revenue optimization
  • Hostaway is a powerful property management solution that anyone managing a portfolio of properties can and will benefit from.

    Comparing it to similar software on the market, we would have to say that it’s going to be more cost-effective for larger portfolios. That’s literally the only (almost) negative thing we have to say about it.
    Homeaway operates on a customized pricing model. To get started, you’ll need to reach out to a member of their team to book a demo and discuss your requirements.

    Hostfully is a property management platform that helps vacation rental managers scale their hospitality with a range of tools to help automate, streamline, and better manage their business.

    For instance, you can integrate all the tools and platforms you’re already using and manage all of your operations through a central dashboard.

    They also produce digital guidebooks with your own branding. Further enabling you to provide some extra added value to your customers.
    Hostfully helps you manage all of your property management tasks in one place. It’s largely centered around a customizable dashboard and color-coded calendar. In short, making it easy to see future bookings/availability and key metrics at a glance.

    You can communicate with your team and guests through their portal, handle payments, track historical data, and much more.
  • Channel management
  • Automated messaging
  • Payment processing
  • Property data management
  • Team access roles
  • Direct bookings
  • Central calendar
  • Hostfully provides a powerful suite of tools any property manager will benefit from using. However, it does look like managers with larger portfolios will benefit more.

    If you are currently experiencing any pain points managing your properties, such as communication, centralized bookings, and handling payments, it’s worth looking into integrating Hostfully.
    Hostfully charges a one-time $400 implementation fee, and a monthly price per the number of properties you want to manage.

    For example, their Starter plan accommodates 1-4 properties and costs $79/mo. Moreover, their Pro plan accommodates up to 19 properties and costs $189/mo. If you have more than 19 properties, the prices scale for each additional property.

    Key-Data Systems is a U.K-based property software solutions company. They’ve developed a range of software solutions to help landlords and property management owners manage their portfolio of properties.

    The core areas of their software are; property management, sales, marketing, and accounting. Furthermore, each element has a deeper subset of features, covering every aspect of managing rental properties online.
    You can either use Key-Data’s software locally or on the cloud. Moreover, the software integrates with other popular property portals and enables you to centralize all of your bookings and other property management data.

    In the same vein, it helps automate time-consuming tasks, such as generating invoices, checking the availability of your properties, compliance, and much more.
  • Syndicate your property details
  • Market your properties via SMS, email, and letters
  • Automate guest invoicing
  • Set reminders for key metrics
  • See status and income reports at a glance
  • Various other property management tools
  • Key-Data is a UK-based company. As such, a lot of their legislation and accounting is tailored to the UK market. Therefore, it makes sense for anyone based in the UK to consider this property management software.
    Key-Data does not provide any set pricing plans. However, they offer a two-week free trial at which you can discuss custom pricing to suit your needs at the end of the trial.
    LMPM (Light Maker Property Manager) is an enterprise-level property management system. Furthermore, this software is host to a wide range of features and will help property managers with any number of properties better manage their workflow.

    It’s a true “all-in-one-box” solution. Moreover, it even includes all the resources and tools you need to build your own WordPress site and start taking bookings yourself. Aimed at larger property managers, if you’re managing a growing portfolio it’s worth taking a close look at how LMPM can help.
    LMPM includes everything you need to manage a portfolio of properties efficiently.

    From creating a website and high-quality listings on large platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, to running all your bookings and communications through a central portal – this software does it all.

    Firstly, LMPM is one of the more in-depth management software applications. Secondly, it has a long list of features, it almost feels like it would be easier to say what it doesn’t do. Don’t worry about getting stuck, though. They have an active YouTube channel with lots of walkthrough guides.
  • Website builder
  • Accounting systems
  • Integrates with a wide range of tools
  • Handle payments
  • Contract management
  • eSign agreements
  • Property listing management
  • This software is aimed at more experienced property managers with growing portfolios. Specifically, managers who want to manage everything in-house through a central platform.
    LMPM does not have any set pricing plans. Certainly, If you want to try out their software, a member of their team will be happy to chat with you about your needs and give you a demo.
    Mashvisor provides detailed real estate investment data to help investors find investment properties and optimize their rental performance.

    Moreover, if you’re actively growing your portfolio of investment properties or have been involved in real estate investing before, you’ll know how many factors weigh into finding the right property at the right time.

    Mashvisor takes all of the legwork and guesswork off your hands. In addition, this software gives you real-time data that will help save you time and money finding a new investment property.

    Read our complete Mashvisor review.
    Mashvisor helps you find good investment properties and estimates how much you could make in rental income if you bought them.

    Furthermore, you can search for properties by location, price range, or various other metrics such as the number of bathrooms. Mashvisor then finds all the available properties matching your criteria and compares them side-by-side.

    You can then make an informed decision on which is the best property for you based on the ROI and other financials.
  • Detailed financial insights on properties
  • See property analytics at a glance.
  • Rental income estimations and insights
  • Airbnb data analysis Intuitive dashboard
  • Mashvisor is for anyone interested in buying an investment property for rental income. In addition, this software takes you from the point of finding a property to its estimated rental income when you own it.

    With the risk involved in buying property, the data-driven insights Mashvisor provides are invaluable. In conclusion, you will save time, money and are much likely to end up with a profitable property.
    Pricing starts at $17.99/mo to get analysis on individual properties. This goes up to $49.99/mo for larger searches and $74.99/mo for their largest plan.

    Self-billed as “The hospitality system of the future,” Mews is a property management software with a focus on technology.

    The goal of Mews is to automate as many of your workflow tasks and operations as possible. It does this really well, too. That is to say, Accepting bookings to checking guests out has tools that will help every step of the way.

    If you’re ready to integrate a flexible tech-powered property management solution, Mews might be just what you’re looking for.
    Mews is more of a hospitality platform than a straight property management software. It has a number of tools that focus on streamlining the customer journey (your guests,- which ultimately improves your bottom line.

    It does also provide you with a central location to manage your operations. In addition, there is also a good deal of flexibility and it caters to businesses of all sizes.
  • Automated guest journeys
  • Integrated secure payments
  • Agile property management
  • One-screen reservation management
  • Business intelligence
  • API connectivity and marketplace integrations
  • This software is clearly angled at the hospitality sector. However, this doesn’t exclude private rentals and vacation homes. In short, if you’re looking for modern, tech-focused property management software, you should book a demo and check out Mews.
    Prices start at $8.09 per room, per month, with a minimum package of $300. This scales up as you add more features to $17.99 per room per month.

    Minut is a smart home alarm system that helps you tighten security and keep an eye on some of the things happening in your properties – wherever you are.

    There are plenty of remote alarm systems on the market, but Minut does a few things the others do not. For instance, notifying you if noise levels in your home reach a certain level (your neighbors will thank you for this), monitoring temperature, and more.

    It adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for the security-conscious property managers.
    The Minut device looks like a regular fire alarm sensor and attaches to the ceiling in the same way.

    It measures sound levels and motion without recording or storing any data. In addition to taking temperature and humidity readings.

    It’s important to note that it’s camera and microphone-free. It’s 100% privacy safe for your guests but will alert you (via wifi/mobile network) if it’s triggered according to the settings you apply.

    You can set up as many devices as you wish across numerous properties and monitor each device through one central dashboard.
  • 100% privacy-safe noise monitoring
  • Motion and temperature sensors
  • Self-installed and wireless
  • Home alarm system
  • Can recognize other alarms and notify you
  • Central dashboard for multiple devices
  • This is for anyone who wants to add some extra security to their properties – as well as keeping noise down to keep the neighbors happy. For an affordable price, it’s a big peace of mind that your guests are happy and treating your properties with respect.
    The sensor units cost $129/ea. You can connect to one unit for free or pay $7.99/mo to monitor several units. Moreover, their Pro plan integrates API access, Zapier automation, and some other features for $14.99/mo.

    MyVR (My Vacation Rental) is a short-term rental property management and channel management platform.

    This software integrates with all the large travel sites and enables you to manage your property portfolio through one central dashboard.

    Real-time syncing with your other rental platforms means as soon as bookings are made through any of the rental platforms you’re using, it’s updated in your MyVR calendar.

    This, along with all the tools you need to manage a rental business, makes MyVR an invaluable partner.
    The strength of MyVR as a software is enabling you to manage all of your rental properties through one, easy to use dashboard.

    You can integrate your booking platforms, such as Airbnb and Vrbo, your payment systems, other apps, and manage everything through one interface.

    This makes managing any number of properties a lot less time-consuming and easier to handle. You can improve processes, minimize errors, communicate with your team and guests, and more.
  • Live 1:1 Training included
  • Wide range of integrations with other tools
  • Centralized property management
  • Payment processing
  • Real-time calendar syncing
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • This software is for anyone managing more than one property or currently using more than one system/software.

    MyVR does not make any monthly pricing plans available. If you’re interested in testing their software, you can book a demo by reaching out to their team members.
    Noise complaints are one of the most common complaints property managers have to deal with. Not only does it fracture relationships with neighbors, but it can also result in fines and other damages.

    NoiseAware is a small device that monitors noise levels

    in your property and sends you an alert if they go above your specified level. It’s a way to keep an eye – or should we say an ear – on your properties from anywhere in the country.
    All you have to do is install a small device that looks very similar to a smoke detector. This privacy-safe (no camera or microphone included) device will then monitor the noise levels in your property.

    You can set the noise threshold to whatever level you want. When or if the noise inside your property reaches that threshold, you’ll receive an alert on your desktop and mobile apps.
  • 100% privacy-safe noise monitoring
  • Noise sensors and alert system
  • Wireless and simple to install
  • Central dashboard app for multiple devices
  • Dedicated customer service
  • NoiseAware is, as the name implies, for the noise aware amongst us. If you want to ensure your guests are well behaved and not creating a noise disturbance, then fitting a NoiseAware device is the answer.
    Devices start at $199 apiece, and there is a $9.99/mo service fee.
    Operto is a home operations solution that enables you to deliver a world-class guest experience, wherever you’re located.

    Using the platform, you can do things like setting up keyless entry to your properties to ensure a smooth changeover in between guests. As well as monitoring the noise, CO2, and temperature in your property.

    There are some nice touches, too, such as enabling you to leave personalized welcome messages on the TV.
    Operto is a complete automation solution that delivers a modern hospitality experience and maximizes guest experiences.

    You can monitor who has entered or left your properties, the noise and temperature inside, and other activity through a central dashboard.

    This enables you to coordinate cleanups, key handovers, and other property maintenance tasks. All to ensure your guests have the best possible experience and you’re kept fully informed remotely.
  • Keyless entry
  • Guest portal for communications with guests
  • Real-time insights into your guests and teams movements
  • Noise monitoring
  • Integrates with popular booking systems like Guesty
  • Operto is for busy property managers who want to better manage their teams and help guests remotely.

    Some of the features, such as setting up keyless entry and raising the temperature before guests arrive, help make that experience memorable for the guests.

    This could be the difference between an average and a 5-star review. Which, for some hosts, is worth every penny.
    Pricing starts at $15/mo per unit or room for their Core plan, which enables one device. For multiple devices, you’re looking at $30/mo per unit or room.
    Optimal BNB is a specialist Airbnb optimization provider. If you’re struggling to get bookings or would like to increase your occupancy rate, they can formulate a strategy to help.

    Their team understands Airbnb’s algorithm better than anyone and can help you achieve better visibility within the platform’s organic listings.

    More visibility means more bookings, which is obviously what every host on Airbnb wants. If you want a deeper dive into exactly how they do this, there are some interesting case studies on their site.
    Optimal BNB’s team uses a number of techniques and processes to better-optimize your Airbnb listing.

    They will essentially take a look at your listing and make changes to optimize it for search within Airbnb’s internal ecosystem. They will also use external factors, such as marketing your listing, sending social signals, and promotion.
  • Search optimization
  • Listing design
  • Writing sales copy
  • Utilizing social signals
  • Researching your competitors
  • Customer outreach
  • Optimal BNB is for any host in need of a little help filling up their Airbnb booking calendar. From simple SEO strategies to complete listing overhauls and marketing campaigns – Optimal BNB has packages to suit all budgets and levels of competition.

    You can try their service for free for 14 days with limited features. Their paid plans start at $47/mo for 1 optimization guide and scale up to their Ultra plan which includes 4 optimization guides.

    Party Squasher is, as the name suggests, a party squasher. By this, we mean it’s a small device that hooks up to your property’s wifi network and alerts you if it looks like a part is forming.

    The last thing any property manager wants is their property being treated as a party destination. This is a quick way to offend your neighbors, have the police called out, and will likely result in property damage.

    This small device counts the number of mobile phones within the radius of your property and will notify you if it detects a spike or goes above the threshold you set.
    Party Squasher is a tamper-resistant, privacy-friendly device that hooks up to your network and monitors the home’s number of mobile devices.
    < More mobiles almost certainly mean an unauthorized gathering or party is forming at your property. Being notified of this enables you to check-in and stop the party before it escalates.
  • Set your own threshold on the number of devices to detect
  • Receive alerts via SMS or email
  • Manage multiple properties with 1 app
  • You’re alerted if it’s disconnected.
  • Privacy-friendly and GDPR compliant
  • Party Squasher is for any property managers that feel more comfortable knowing they will be alerted if a gathering of people starts to form at one of their properties.
    < It’s a cost-effective way to get peace of mind that your properties will not become the destination for a party and the damage and fallout that will follow.
    You can try their service for free for 14 days with limited features. Their paid plans start at $47/mo for 1 optimization guide and scale up to their Ultra plan which includes 4 optimization guides.

    Properly is a housekeeping and maintenance management software. It’s designed for use by property managers, hosts, and maintenance teams.

    Above all, the software enables you to create cleaning and maintenance checklists, communicate with maintenance teams, check progress…all the things you need to manage your property maintenance teams remotely.
    Properly enables property managers and maintenance teams to work in harmony via a mobile app by connecting everyone.
    < You can easily carry out routine tasks, such as scheduling cleans after guests leave, logging photos of your properties in case of disputes, providing instruction and communications to cleaners and guests, and much more.
  • Central desktop and mobile apps
  • Create checklists and share them with your teams
  • Communicate with guest and team members
  • Integrates with all the major booking platforms, like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com
  • Multi-language capability
  • Compliance tracking
  • Properly is for property managers working with teams of cleaners and other property maintenance companies. This software makes communicating and working with teams remotely seamless, direct, and quick.

    Properly do not make any pricing public. They do, however, allow you to use their software for free before committing to a plan.

    Rabbu is an asset management platform. This software markets your property as either a short-term, medium-term, or long-term rental and helps you capture the best return.

    The team at Rabbu can also help with the complete rental process, from listing your property on rental platforms to helping you manage your property management teams.
    Properly enables property managers and maintenance teams to work in harmony via a mobile app by connecting everyone.
  • Property performance and market trends data
  • Property audits
  • Creating rental listings
  • Communicating with guests on your behalf
  • Managing housekeeping services
  • Rabbu is perfect for anyone in need of support wherever they are in the process of buying and renting out properties.
    Rabbu does not share any details on how much their services costs. On the other hand, if you want to work with Rabbu, they will work out custom pricing based on your requirements.
    Rankbreeze is an Airbnb optimization and search visibility company. If you want more bookings, Rankbreeze can help by improving your listings on Airbnb to achieve greater visibility.

    SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t just for Google and search engines. Airbnb also uses an algorithm to rank where listings appear the results.

    Rankbreeze are experts when it comes to improving Airbnb SEO. They use this expertise and some other techniques to improve the visibility of listings on the platform.
    Rankbreeze performs a number of tasks to improve your Airbnb listings. Such as improving your SEO, analyzing what your competitors are doing well, writing better copy for your listings, and more.

    You have access to a dashboard showing you where your listings are ranking so you can see the improvements being made. You can also track your competitors and see how their listings are moving.
  • Airbnb SEO rank tracker
  • Competitor analysis
  • Optimization journal
  • SEO copywriting service
  • Daily and weekly updates delivered to your inbox
  • Rankbreeze is designed for any property managers or hosts in need of help improving their listings on Airbnb.

    Airbnb is an incredibly competitive platform. If you’re not achieving high occupancy rates, you’re losing potential revenue. Moreover, it’s worth checking out Rankbreeze and seeing how they can help.
    Pricing starts at just $29/mo and enables you to track 3 Airbnb listings. In addition, you can track 10 listings for $49/mo and 30 listings for $129/mo.

    Rentals United is an award-winning vacation rental management software. It enables property managers to connect any number of channels and technology providers, and manage all of their properties in one location.

    It’s designed for property managers with 10+ rentals. Providing tools and features such as syndicating listings, communicating with guests and team members, mapping short-term rentals, and much more.
    To get started, all you have to do is upload your property information. You can then choose which listing sites you want to work with, and the software will make all of the necessary connections.

    Moreover, you then have access to all the tools you need to optimize your operations and maximize your revenue. Such as a channel manager, guest planner, dynamic pricing tools, and more.
  • Channel manager
  • Direct bookings
  • Guest planner
  • Guest communication
  • Quality checker
  • Rentals United is designed for property managers with 10+ properties and growing their portfolio.

    This software comprises of a powerful suite of tools. In short, the greater number of properties you have, the higher a return you’ll see on the cost and time saved.
    Prices start at around $130/mo for 10-19 properties. This scales up as you add more properties, with 40-49 properties costing around $250/mo.

    Rented is a full-service revenue management service for property managers. They have a team of vacation rental professionals with more than 50 years’ experience buying, marketing, and managing rentals between them.

    This enables them to provide clients with a mix of technology to maximize local expertise navigating the rental market.

    It’s a fully scalable service. The larger your portfolio, the more you’ll be able to benefit from the expertise their team brings to the table.

    Rented offers a mix of consultancy services with real property managers with extensive experience and the latest revenue management software.

    It’s this personal touch and being able to speak to people with experience in the rental market that separates their service from many software providers.

    To get started, you simply give them details of your properties and what you want to achieve. A team member will then prepare a contract and outline what they can do to help you increase your revenue and occupancy rate.

  • Advanced pricing models
  • Powerful customization tools
  • Easy PMS integrations
  • Consultative services
  • System migration
  • Rented is best placed for property managers that like to work with other experienced investors. Rented is more than a software tool with support staff. It comprises of experienced property managers.
    Rented does not make any pricing information available. In addition, they prepare custom contracts after finding out more about your rentals and goals.
    Safely is a rental insurance and guest screening company. When taking bookings through sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, there is often a gap in coverage between the booking channel and what you would consider to be adequate cover.

    This is where Safely comes in. They offer complete insurance cover for property managers, so you can be sure that should the worst case happen, you’re not going to be out of pocket.
    Safely offers specialist rental property insurance and guest screening services. Whether you’re using a booking platform or renting out your properties directly, it’s essential you are fully covered.

    If you contact Safely, they will explain how well you’re currently covered against damage to your property, theft, unpaid invoices etc., and quote you for more complete coverage.

    Safely also offer guest screening services. With just a name, date of birth, and address, Safely can run background checks on your guests to make sure they’re who they say they are.

    This reduces the risk of taking in bad guests that may cause damage to your property.
  • Guest screening
  • Insurance cover for property managers
  • Safely is for property managers and hosts with any number of properties in their portfolio. It’s essential you’re properly covered. In conclusion, if you have any doubts about your current coverage, it’s a good idea to get a quote from Safely.
    Safely do not have any set pricing plans. Each quote is made on a case-by-case basis depending on a number of factors, such as property value, range of cover, etc.
    Smart BNB is a property management solution that helps automate and streamline the day-to-day tasks of operating a property management business.

    Through a central portal, you can communicate with guests and property maintenance teams, set rules and reminders, manage your bookings, and more.
    Smart BNB acts as a central hub for all of your day-to-day operations. Specifically, you can automate and streamline a lot of your workflows by setting rules, automating messages, and more,

    Furthermore, simple things like setting up check-in instructions and communicating with guests can save hosts a lot of time, by setting rules in place to send in cleaning teams after a guest leaves and paying invoices promptly.
  • Guest communications
  • Housekeeping management
  • Reservations management
  • Guest experience management
  • Contracts and legal management
  • Team communications
  • Smart BNB is perfect for any property managers or hosts that want to improve and automate their guest experiences. Happy guests that leave 5-star reviews are great for business. It’s an area where implementing tech is worthwhile.
    Pricing starts at $18/mo for up to 2 listings. This increases for every additional property you add to the software. They do offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test the platform without committing.,
    Smoobu is an all-in-one vacation rental management software. This software syncs with all the major booking platforms, enabling you to manage any number of listings from one central dashboard.

    It also provides a number of tools, such as PMS, website builder, online check-ins, a dedicated guest portal, and more. Meaning you can better manage your workflow and automate some of your day-to-day tasks, saving you time and money.
    Smoobu helps property managers streamline their portfolios and workflows by syncing booking portals and providing several tools on the front-end to better manage tasks.

    This enables you to manage all of your properties through one central dashboard. Moreover, you can manage bookings, see your calendar and availability, perform online check-ins, and more.
  • Channel manager
  • Reservation system
  • Availability calendar
  • Automated templates
  • Online check-in
  • Statistics and KPIs
  • Rates synchronization
  • Smoobu is for any property manager with a growing portfolio. In particular, anyone currently managing properties across multiple booking systems and juggling several different systems and software.

    You can get started for free if you want to test out this software. The free plan only gives you access to the reservations system (PMS), but it’s a great way to test the product without committing.

    For full access to the complete suite of tools, pricing starts at $18.00/mo for one property. Both options come with a 14-day free trial.

    Superhog is a data-driven intelligence platform that focuses on safety, trust, and security for property managers.

    The company uses AI and sophisticated technology to perform verification checks on guests and hosts. They also offer booking guarantees and insurance, reducing the risk of accepting bookings from bad guests for hosts.
    Superhog operates on a membership model. After you sign up, you join a community of vetting guests and hosts.

    You can then use their software to screen your potential guests. They also offer some tools to help you optimize your property listings and attract more bookings.

    It’s a solution to reducing the risk of renting out a property to a bad guest. In addition, if you do run into trouble with a guest, Superhog offers some insurance and protection.
  • Guest screening
  • Guarantees against damage and lost deposits
  • View globally recognized profiles
  • Property certification
  • Superhog is for any hosts looking to reduce the risk of letting a bad guest into one of their properties. For an affordable monthly fee, being part of this network could save you some huge headaches and financial penalties by avoiding bad guests.

    You can create a profile and get started with Superhog for free. Pricing then starts at £3 (approx $4) per month, with an additional $6 per property for their full suite of services.

    Syncbnb is a vacation rental channel manager. In short, this software helps property managers list and manage their rental properties across multiple channels and provides some helpful tools.

    Everything operates through a clean and clear central dashboard. For example, you can manage your calendar, update your listings, sync your channels, optimize your rates, and more.

    Syncbnb is an all-in-one channel manager. You can integrate all the booking platforms you’re using, such as Airbnb and Booking.com, and manage your bookings through one multi-calendar.

    The real-time sync avoids double bookings, you can optimize your prices, communicate with your team, and streamline various other tasks.

  • Real-time syncing with booking platforms
  • Centralized calendar
  • Analytics and reporting
  • AI keeps your listings up-to-date.
  • Team access
  • This software is for any property manager or host currently managing their operations through more than one platform.

    Pricing starts at $15/mo for up to 10 active channels. In addition, Syncbnb also charges for some of their other products to be bolted on. Such as their website builder, revenue booster, and booking engine.

    Transparent is a data intelligence company that helps rental managers improve their income and occupancy using data-driven insights.

    This software analyzes more than 35 million Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com rental listings to gather these powerful market insights.

    Property managers can use these insights to optimize their pricing strategies, increase occupancy rates, and most importantly add more profit to their bottom line.

    Read our complete review of Transparent vs AirDNA vs Mashvisor vs Keydata.
    Transparent crunches millions of data points to provide you with relevant, data-driven statistics. More specifically, this enables you to make informed decisions regarding rental prices, optimizing listings, and more.
  • Track market rates and occupancy
  • Analyze market trends
  • Analyze competitor reviews and ratings
  • View your booking calendar for the year ahead
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Transparent is for property managers that like to work with real market data to make informed decisions that will affect their own rental strategy,
    Transparent has a free plan, so you can test their platform without committing to a plan. Pricing then starts at $300/mo for property managers with 10 properties or more.

    Uplisting is a property management software solution that provides a range of tools to help hosts better manage their portfolio of properties.

    Moreover, the software syncs with hundreds of other tools, enabling you to manage all of your operations through one central dashboard.

    From managing your bookings through a multi-calendar to optimizing your pricing, Uplisting is an all-in-one complete solution.
    Uplisting syncs with all the major booking platforms and enables property managers to manage all of their properties through one central location.

    The multi-calendar makes viewing availably or occupancy of your properties a breeze. In addition, you can communicate with your team members and guests, and even enable guests to make bookings directly from your site.
  • Channel manager
  • Multi-calendar
  • Unified inbox
  • Guest payments
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Team access
  • Direct booking engine
  • Smart rates and pricing
  • Uplisting is a property management solution that will help hosts with any number of properties save time and money by streamlining and centralizing operations.
    Pricing starts at $100/mo for 1-5 properties. It’s then an extra $20 per property up to 20 properties, reducing to $10 per property thereafter.

    VR Scheduler is a housekeeping management software. This software helps property managers automate and organize their property maintenance tasks through one central interface.

    It syncs with booking software and integrates with other tools on the market. So, you can pull guest data into your workflow. Then you can arrange cleaning teams, key handovers, and all the other tasks required to ensure your properties are ready for your guests.
    VR Scheduler provides a range of tools to help you manage your property maintenance teams remotely. The key benefit of which is ensuring your properties are clean and ready for guests to arrive.

    Being able to better communicate with maintenance teams can prove invaluable. You can resolve issues quickly, turn properties around quicker, and ultimately offer a better guest experience.
  • Property management software
  • Sync booking platforms
  • Master calendar
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Automation and tracking
  • This software is for any property manager with a large or growing number of properties. As a portfolio grows, so do the logistics and maintenance requirements. VR Scheduler will save you a great deal of time on this front.
    VR Scheduler has a simple pricing structure. It’s $3 per property, per month. With a $45/mo minimum spend.

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