Breezeway Review: Top Reasons Why Users Are Switching to Breezeway

May 24, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

Executing successful back-office operations is one of the things that vacation rental property managers often struggle with. Throw in the guest complaints, disorganized communication, strained owner relations, and unprepared units, and it can begin to feel overwhelming. 

Thanks to Breezeway’s property care and operations platform, which helps short-term rental operators coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work,  managers now have an easy way to eliminate manual work and deliver higher-quality service to properties, guests, and owners. 

But what makes them a better option than their alternatives and competitors? 

Breezeway Review: Top Reasons Why Users Are Switching to Breezeway

Intelligent Task Automation

Task management is a big challenge to short-term rental operators. While there are a handful of tools  that help with organizing property care, Breezeway uses data and intelligence from staff schedules, GPS tracking, property elements, and historical task times so you can optimize your operations. , users find Breezeway’s intelligent automation appealing and useful when dealing with a wide variety of tasks. 

From managing recurring tasks to organizing crucial field business, operations are more doable and efficient with a quick click on Breezeway’s customized dashboard. Breezeway integrates with many PMS companies in the industry, making it easy to sync reservations, track property readiness, monitor staff, and more. Users find Breezeway’s task scheduling appealing and useful when dealing with a wide variety of tasks; including cleans, inspections, maintenance repairs, and concierge services.

Streamlined Internal Communication

Most property management companies often struggle with poor communication and documentation. With so many different emails, text messages, and voicemails being exchanged daily, it’s hard to maintain attention to detail. 

That’s why adopting technology that allows streamlined internal communication is crucial. Breezeway’s mobile solution helps ensure that property managers, owners, and staff are on the same page. With a real-time communication dashboard, they can coordinate issues and share detailed reports as soon as possible. 


Reliable Customer Messaging & Support

Unread and unanswered questions of guests often lead to dissatisfaction and negative reviews. It is why property owners are always looking for a technology that will help them provide reliable customer service support. 

Many platforms have top-of-the-line features but do not give users the visibility to meet the demands and needs of guests. Breezeway’s messaging product makes it possible to consolidate queries and concerns and provide professional guest experiences. 

They also have a knowledgeable and dedicated support team that helps operators optimize their services all the way. 


Clean and Intuitive Interface

Users often have to make time-sensitive and high-risk decisions based on the data shown within the property operations platform. As much as possible, the interface must be free of distractions and easy to navigate, especially during high season when there’s a lot of pressure. 

The clean and intuitive interface is what operators love about Breezeway. Because the processes are clear-cut and uncomplicated to follow, they can deliver quality services without hesitation. 


Make a difference In Your Property Operations 

If you want to build more confidence and reduce headaches across your operations, Breezeway’s software and mobile app are an excellent place to start. From coordinating and communicating to verifying detailed work, you can make a difference in delivering the best rental and guest experience with Breezeway. Request a demo today at and receive free implementation upon sign-up. 


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