Key Data Review: Features We Love about the Key Data Dashboard

May 24, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

Key Data Dashboard is a data analytics and benchmarking solution designed for short-term property rental owners and managers. Its main appeal is that it helps you better understand key performance metrics of your rental business vis-a-vis your competitors’ performance data at the local and regional levels.

This software shows a larger and more precise picture of your business’s essential data, as well as that of your competitors. Additionally, you can determine how you are faring with your competitors and work to maintain or improve your business’ performance.

Vacation rental owners and managers can benefit greatly by using Key Data Dashboard. To convince you to use this software, read on below.

Essential Features of Key Data Dashboard

Here are the best features of Key Data Dashboard that vacation rental owners and managers turn to for determining their business performance:

  • Real-Time Pacing Charts. Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real-time to help you focus on what’s important and ensure business success.
  • Benchmark Charts. Comparative reports of your business’s core metrics against other rental property businesses in your locality and region.
  • Performance Insights. Present data and projection for future performance vs. the previous year’s performance as of the same date.
  • Historical KPI Chart. Past data of your company’s key metrics analyzed for future performance.
  • Filterable Metrics and Charts. A feature that allows the users to filter the data by categories, such as the number of guests per night, to get insights for performance and other issues that can be improved.
  • Property Management System Integrations. A feature that significantly saves time of gathering different data sources together.
  • Customized Dashboards by Job Role. A feature that streamlines and enables better decision-making among people who hold important roles in the company.
  • Budget Monitoring and Forecast. Allows users to keep track of the organization’s budget and help make crucial decision-making concerning revenue.
  • Scheduled Notifications. Create custom notifications for important updates to the user’s inbox.

Comparing Your Organization’s Core Metrics with Your Competitors

Key Data Dashboard offers in-depth analytics comparing your organization’s key metrics, such as Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room, and Available Occupancy with your competitors’ core metrics in the market.

The software provides local and regional market reports and accurate data through smooth project management system integrations.


Now you know why Key Data Dashboard is among the top data analytics and benchmarking software for short-term property rental owners and managers. It has excellent features that can significantly benefit vacation rental companies and propel them to success.