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Lessons Learned From Talking to KeyData’s Customers

July 13, 2021 | BY Amelia Melching

Since kicking off our partnership with KeyData, we’ve been having incredibly insightful conversations with their users exploring Wheelhouse. 

We already knew KeyData provides a wide breadth and depth of quality data services, and approaches their customers with care and confidentiality. We were not surprised to see these traits validated in extended conversations with their users. 

Through these interactions, we’ve learned three lessons around what operators in the Short Term Rental space value when it comes to partnering with a professional data source and pricing tool team. We’re excited to share these lessons with you!


Data quality and transparency matter, a lot. 

Given KeyData is the Gold Standard for data in the VR category, they tend to attract users with the same attentiveness to the quality of information being provided. 

Dynamic Pricing requires trust! KeyData users have built confidence in the transparent data to provide insights aimed at optimizing their portfolios and have transferred that expectation to us at Wheelhouse.

With KeyData’s endorsement of our dynamic pricing tool, users have inherently trusted Wheelhouse’s promise of accountability and visibility into our efforts to maximize revenue and optimize occupancy. 

Wheelhouse has been developed over the past six years (!!) and we’re thrilled to be powering our engine even further with the best transactional data in the game.


Usability of data is key. 

Your data partner should do more than provide you with data.

Data is less useful if pulling valuable insights from the set requires a lot of manual work. Usability of quality, available, and relevant data is key to creating value for customers.

Users excited about the partnership have shared they love the ability to leverage KeyData for visibility into all the core metrics that drive their business, while automatically increasing revenue with Wheelhouse’s use of correlating insights.

 The KeyData + Wheelhouse partnership brings together the best Dynamic Pricing Tool and Business Intelligent Tool to create a Revenue Management tech-suite dream team that allows users to invest minimal time into Revenue Management while remaining a top performer in their market.


Informed customers are the best customers.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with KeyData customers because they ask awesome, thoughtful questions about how we’re leveraging this influx of data to provide even more accurate pricing recommendations.

KeyData has created a community of well-informed, engaged users who have in-depth knowledge around how their markets are performing, how they expect their listings to perform given these advanced insights, and how their listings compare to competitors in the area.

With this knowledge comes a high standard for how a dynamic pricing tool should operate to price their listings based on unique, property-by-property attributes, rather than pricing directly against the market averages. 

Wheelhouse’s advanced Pricing Engine + KeyData’s Top Tier Transactional Data + an Engaged, Educated User = The best possible combination when trying to fully maximize your portfolio’s revenue!

If you’re interested in learning more about KeyData and/or Wheelhouse, reach out any time – sales@usewheelhouse.com