Smoobu Review: 4 Things We Love About Smoobu

June 1, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

Vacation rental management solutions are increasing in numbers. One popular software in this category is Smoobu, a platform that caters to vacation rental owners and managers. When it comes to vacation rental business processes, Smoobu can be a huge help.

The software has a helpful channel manager connecting users to third-party rental portals like, Agoda, Airbnb, or Expedia. In addition, it also syncs data between these channels, casting off any worries about manual prices and double bookings.

Of course, there is more to Smoobu than just being a channel manager.


Key Features of Smoobu

Now, let’s find out why vacation rental owners and managers love Smoobu, as well as how some of its features may just be the right fit for your business.

Intuitive Website Builder

Smoobu comes with a website builder that doesn’t require you to learn hard coding and web design skills. You can upload text, images, videos and customize your site with no hassle. The website builder also allows you to optimize your site, its content, and its pages.

If you want to create or integrate sections such as a reservation page, occupancy calendar, or testimonial page, you can do it easily using the Smoobu website builder.


Useful Communication Tools

Smoobu has centralized email communication and automated communication tools, enabling vacation rental managers to interact with guests online. Moreover, it’s also convenient for cleaners to do their work as they can stay informed about checkouts and bookings through an automated communications system provided by the software.

The software also allows for integration with Google Maps. This way, you can communicate your property’s precise location and nearby places of interest to guests.

Broad Range of Integrations

There are several integrations to make it easier for holiday rental owners and managers to manage their businesses. You can automate almost everything from luggage storage and cleaning applications to check-in services and payment channels like Stripe and Paypal. In addition, there’s also an option to integrate with Social Wave and Google Analytics.

Price Optimization and Yield Management

Vacation rental managers who are not sure about pricing and how to maximize profit from their business will surely love Smoobu. It’s because this software comes with a feature that analyzes pricing data, occupancy data, and seasonal data in the market.

However, rental managers should note that the software only provides pricing analysis and strategies and not automated pricing. Of course, as the owner or the manager of the property, it’s on you to set the prices.


Ultimately, Smoobu is an excellent holiday rental management software with many convenient and valuable features that rental owners and managers can tap. It has an intuitive website builder, advanced communication tools, price optimization and yield management system, and a wide range of integrations.