New Feature: Save Views and Filters

September 7, 2021 | Amelia Melching

Welcome to your tour on how to save views and filters within your account. 

Take the video tour.

We are excited to make this update to the platform that’s going to save you a ton of time moving forward by allowing you to set a default filter that will show up within your portfolio settings, calendar, and performance tabs anytime you log into Wheelhouse.

We also make it really easy to edit these filters as your priorities change and as your portfolio grows. 

Let’s take look at an example to show you the functionality of the tool:

Let’s say you wanted to look at your listings only in San Francisco. You can apply that filter, and then you can go over to columns and adjust which information is shown to you there. Watch this video to see it in action. 

You can pick and choose which information is shown and when you’re ready, you can save your view so that it becomes your default view. That means, anytime you log into Wheelhouse in the future, this is the information that’s going to be shown to you. This view will be saved throughout your different tabs like the Settings, Calendar and Performance tabs.

Now let’s say you want to look at another view temporarily. You can feel free to apply a new filter and once you’re done poking around and want to revert back to your originally saved default view, then you can click on the Tool Panel and click Restore Filters to return back to that default view. Similarly, if you wanted to save this new filter, then you would make those adjustments and then go to the Tool Panel and click Save this Filter. 

To summarize, you can restore filters back to a previously saved view, or if you wanted to clear the filters entirely and go back to Wheelhouse’s original settings, then you go ahead and click Clear Filters. 

This applies similarly to the column information. You can save a column view or restore it back to the last saved state. If you hit clear filters, then it will also,  override these previously saved column views. 

If this is helpful for you, or if you have any feedback, just let us know how you’re using it and how we can improve it. 

We’re excited to give you this flexibility and consistency within the product and we would love to hear what you want to see next!



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