Wheelhouse’s DARM 2021 People’s Choice Award for Innovation

August 26, 2021 | Amelia Melching

We’ve got award-winning news 🏆

Wheelhouse Innovation Award

Wheelhouse was selected as winner of the People’s Choice Award for “Innovation of the Year” this past week at the Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference (DARM). 

While we loved just about every minute of DARM, our team was most appreciative of the chance to both present at the startup battleground, and be selected for the People’s Choice Award for Innovation.

Receiving this award meant the world to us, and we’re committed to working even harder in the next 12 months to deliver the transparency & tooling everyone in the short-term rental space deserves.


KeyData Innovation Award

Three months ago, we felt fortunate to partner with KeyData because we believed so deeply in their technology.

Therefore, we could not be more happy & proud that KeyData’s new acquisition, DemandIQ, won the judge’s choice for “Innovation of the Year”.  We agree – the work KeyData is doing is driving amazing results for their (and our!) customers, and we’re honored to partner with them.

You can learn more about KeyData & DemandIQ here.


Next Steps for Wheelhouse


We made a few commitments on stage – meant to illustrate a transition from the closed world of “trust us” to the open invite to “audit us”.  

We wanted to follow up here to re-affirm the commitments/capabilities we described on-stage:

Publish our Research

Wheelhouse is committed to publishing our research & methodologies of how our pricing engine actually works.  We believe that sharing this in a public & detailed fashion is the best means to ensure you can adjust your strategy around our model, as you see fit. Read more about our model here and how we measure it here

Make your Pricing Engine Transparent

We are committed to showing you what our pricing engine sees – for each of your listings – every single day.  While you might find something you disagree with, we’d rather you know exactly where we stand.  And, every time you adjust our recommendations, we learn more about how to help you. Check it out here

 Export Everything

On Wheelhouse, you can now export all your data.  In a number of ways – as excel files, csv files or images.  Download what you like, anytime, to ensure you can always share or learn more about your business. Read more here

Want to Connect?

The Wheelhouse team is excited to have even more insightful conversations & make more connections beyond DARM. 

Reach out to us at sales@usewheelhouse.com to have a conversation today!


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