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June 1, 2021 | Amelia Melching

We’re excited to announce another new feature we are rolling out that will change how many of our customers approach revenue management – we’re making the Wheelhouse API available to everyone!

The Wheelhouse API gives partners access to our sophisticated pricing recommendations, booking scores, market reports, comp sets and more — whether they’re pulling our rates or incorporating our full interface through an iframe.

All you need to do is let us know you want API access, we’ll issue you with credentials, and you can start using the Wheelhouse API to generate your own custom dynamic pricing strategy.

In summary, you can create listings – even hypothetical listings – by sending us your booking data, both historical and current, as well as your reservation data, and our API will create pricing recommendations for you.

A very straightforward and powerful way to leverage Wheelhouse’s intelligent pricing engine to earn more revenue from you or your client’s properties.

How The Wheelhouse API Is Different

The thing that makes the Wheelhouse API so innovative is that we have a different type of API to accommodate what most people are used to.

We don’t just give you access to our API and leave you to build your custom reports and rules.

Once you connect with the Wheelhouse API and send us your listing and reservation data, we will create 365 days of rates for you – in less than a second!

This gives you a complete calendar year of accurate pricing forecasting to work with.

Not only this, but you can log into Wheelhouse and use our entire interface to work with your data.

This enables you to future proof by having access to the best pricing engine in the world. You and your customers can see your listing data within Wheelhouse, dig into your market intelligence, booking scores, and use all of the other excellent features Wheelhouse offers to optimize your pricing strategy.

Making Combined Recommendations With User Adjustments

Once you’ve connected with the Wheelhouse API, uploaded your booking information, and logged into the dashboard, you have complete control over your pricing strategy and can make any adjustments you want.

Wheelhouse’s recommendation engine will then reflect combined recommendations taking into account any user adjustments when producing pricing.

This means, for example, if you go into an individual property and change the base rate, Wheelhouse’s pricing engine will now generate combined rates reflecting this custom adjustment.

Partners Already Building on Top Of the Wheelhouse API

We’ve already had some of the largest companies in the short-term rental space across various industries building on top of the Wheelhouse API. 

Some of our notable partners are:

MadeComfy – The #1 rated property management company in Australia, MadeComfy is an operator using the Wheelhouse API and is leveraging all of Wheelhouse’s features to manage their 400+ listings.

LMPM –  One of the leading property management software on the market, LMPM is a PMS, and they’ve built on top of the Wheelhouse API to ensure they are always providing the best and most accurate dynamic pricing for their users.

Enso Connect – An IOT platform, Enso Connect is now integrated into Wheelhouse through our API. Part of their home automation service is offering pricing to their customers, and via the Wheelhouse API, they’re automatically able to provide the most profitable pricing to their customers.

We also have companies doing financial underwriting building on top of our API, channel managers… there are so many ways to use the Wheelhouse API to help customers leverage our dynamic pricing. We’re eager to see how more types of companies use it.

You can also use the data you’re pulling from Wheelhouse as an iFrame and embed it on your own site – it’s really up to you how you use the data.

Ready to get started with the Wheelhouse API?

Email us at to get in touch.

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