New Feature: Export your Calendar, Settings and Performance Data

June 1, 2021 | Amelia Melching

We’re excited to share with you a brand new feature we’ve just rolled out. It may be small, but it’s the kind of feature that we know will have a huge impact on how some of our property managers use and leverage the data Wheelhouse provides on their properties.

See it in action


You’re now able to export all of your rates, settings, and performance data that we provide in your portfolio view.

We’ve made this change because we know that having full access to all of your data plays a huge role in your revenue management.

This year we’re making a concerted effort to ensure that every point of data Wheelhouse provides will be easily accessible for users to export and manipulate however they want.

Exporting Your Data

To export your data, start by navigating to your Wheelhouse pricing dashboard, then hover over the ‘Portfolio’ menu option to drop down the ‘Settings,’ ‘Calendar,’ and ‘Performance’ submenu buttons:

If we take the calendar data as an example, click through to your calendar, where you can see all of your rates and property information.

Simply select the properties you want to export the data for by checking the boxes on the left (or choosing ‘Select All’). Next, right-click at the top of any of the columns, and you’ll see an option to ‘Export’ in the right-click menu.

We’ve covered all the major export file types to be as flexible as possible. You can export in either CSV, .xlsx, or .xml formats. You can also select ‘Copy with headers,’ which will enable you to paste your information straight into a Google Sheet.

Why Is This Important?

At Wheelhouse, our goal is to provide as much detailed market information as possible to optimize your pricing strategy and maximize your revenue.

While many of our users are happy to let our powerful AI and machine learning technology handle their pricing strategies, we know some users would like to manipulate and analyze the data on their own terms.

As a revenue manager, you’ll know what you can do with this data the best. By making the data easily accessible, we’re excited to see what you do with it!


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