Wheelhouse: Portfolio Metrics

September 29, 2022 | Andrew Kitchell

Sort, Analyze & Update your Portfolio’s Pricing in 30 seconds or less!

This week, we’re rolling out Portfolio Metrics for all Wheelhouse users.

Portfolio Metrics are designed to make it easy for you to sort, analyze & update your portfolio’s pricing strategy in seconds.
We made a quick video to show you more here 🎥 

👩‍🏫 Example Time!

Let’s say that each week you & your team wanted to easily adjust prices for any listings that were struggling with occupancy for the next 30 days.

With Portfolio Metrics, this now takes ~30 seconds.

First, you can select a new column to add to your portfolio view

(In this example, you’d want to display “Occupancy, next 30 days”)

Second, you can sort this column, moving your lowest performers to the top of your page.

Third, select any number of listings & create a custom rate to lower prices by X%

Again, we demo that use case here

Which Portfolio Metrics are available?

Currently, you can surface & sort by:

For each of these metrics, you can view metrics for the next:

In total, we hope these metrics are a big step forward for helping you quickly analyze & update your portfolio!

What’s next?

Soon, we’ll add metrics such as “last booking date”, “lead time” and more.

Have a metric you’d like to see on your portfolio?  Please let us know!


Team Wheelhouse


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