29+ Best Vacation Rental Software

September 30, 2022 | Hailey Friedman

Today’s vacation rental manager isn’t competing with just one neighboring bed and breakfast anymore. The industry skyrocketed to meet immense demand – creating similarly immense competition. 

How do you stay ahead of the curve, increase revenue, and maintain high occupancy rates? Every successful revenue manager thanks their tech stack — starting with the best vacation rental software. 

Client communications, vendor management, booking confirmations, and check-ins all take up precious hours in your week. Vacation rental software consolidates all those tasks and automates them with cutting-edge technology in cloud or on-premises software. 

Some of the software on this list include housekeeping, multi-calendar support to avoid double bookings, endless integrations, dynamic pricing, business intelligence gathering, and data-rich reports.

But which is the best vacation rental software for your business? We’ve rounded up our favorites and listed their top features to help you decide!

Best Revenue Management Software


wheelhouse logo

Wheelhouse is a dynamic pricing tool that uses market data and competitor analysis to improve your revenue by 40%! We use carefully collected market data to make informed recommendations for your rental prices — even custom recommendations for different properties. 

But our pricing engine doesn’t have to be a set-it-and-forget-it type of tool (unless that’s most convenient for you). You can dive deep into our pricing engine and toggle customizable features to best reach your goals. Users set minimum pricing, risk tolerance, long-term discounts, seasonality changes, and more to implement a bulletproof dynamic pricing strategy

Peek into our process with global market reports for every continent. With Wheelhouse Pro, you can view data-rich reports about your company’s performance against competitors. 

Our commitment to improvement and data excellence standards sets Wheelhouse apart from competitors. Clients regularly applaud our receptiveness to feedback that we always use to improve our products.

Beyond Pricing

beyond logo

Beyond Pricing is a revenue management company with various tools to help you maximize revenue. It also features a dynamic pricing tool that takes market and competitor data to inform pricing recommendations. 

The software also records financial and performance data to create actionable reports, helping you enhance your revenue strategy.


pricelabs logo

Pricelabs is an automated dynamic pricing tool that helps global vacation rental managers price for demand and other market factors. 

However, the platform’s immense customizable functionality is a detriment for some users. One Capterra reviewer noted that the learning curve took a year to overcome. 


airdna logo

AIRDNA is a dynamic pricing tool that lets you customize as you please, from risk tolerance and discounts to minimum and maximum prices. It also has a Market Minder tool that uses data from its partners to create accurate competitor pricing figures. 


outswitch logo

Outswitch offers revenue and channel management on one platform for professional property managers. With smart rules, the price of your rental property will always match market demand, no matter where you list.

Best Property Management Software


Guesty continues to grow by acquisition, recently closing a deal with Kigo, another vacation software on our list. The software includes automation, communication, and reporting solutions that please thousands of users worldwide. Plus, Guesty seamlessly integrates with Wheelhouse for data-driven, accurate, dynamic pricing.


Lodgify is a vacation rental software that grows with property management and vacation rental businesses. The “free” plan offers a generous, uniquely tailored website and booking engine, but remember that the Lite plan still takes 3.9% of your revenue. 

Users report satisfaction with the mobile-first software and integrations with top booking sites.


hostfully Logo (1)

Hostfully covers pipeline management, upsells and ancillaries, and distribution to platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. On a user-friendly dashboard, you can view all your bookings in one place. Plus, hosts love how user-friendly Hostfully is. 

The only qualm we notice is the pricing page. Each tier lists a specific number of customer support calls allotted. Considering the software learning curve imposed on property owners and managers, it feels slightly restrictive. 


Hostaway logo

Hostaway is a dedicated Airbnb management tool and vacation rental software that integrates with over 100 apps. The platform helps vacation rental property managers automate and streamline every aspect of their businesses across all major channels. Hostaway offers award winning customer support and is one of the largest vacation rental marketplaces available.


Based in Minnesota, Track is the ultimate automator for vacation rental owners — you can save time on text and email campaigns, guest communications, and much more. It also features a powerful CRM and accounting system to ease your accounting burdens. 

One great feature is audience segmentation, helping you focus different strategies based on various customer interests. 


escapia logo

Escapia is a versatile software run by professionals with 20 years of vacation rental experience. Popular features include automated contracts, guest communications, and a performance dashboard with real-time insights. 


Streamline is a comprehensive software that specializes in accounting with its robust accounting features, informed by a decade of experience. It covers revenue management, guest communications, CRM, and more — whatever it doesn’t cover is available through its many integrations. 

The only issues reviewers report are delays in receiving customer support and non-user-friendly accounting features.

Upsell & Ancillary Services


Minoan logo

Minoan is a platform that helps property owners raise ancillary revenue. Guests can purchase furniture featured in your unit and you earn commission for each sale. Plus,  you’ll have access to furniture at a discount from over 160 brands to decorate your property with! The variety gives you ample creative reign to style as you see fit: fashion a Boho-chic living room or a cabin-inspired bedroom!


mount logo

Mount is an ancillary software especially made for Airbnbs. The platform allows owners to offer creative upsell experiences like masseuses, paddleboards, personal trainers, private chefs, and much more. 

Property managers and owners can leverage what they already have to increase revenue. But purchasing new amenities to offer is also an option.


ok2charge logo

OK2Charge is an EV charging station provider for vacation rentals and hotels. It’s the perfect accompaniment to property management software in areas like California and Oregon, where EVs are booming,

The platform provides your rental with a unique amenity and revenue stream, complete with flexible pricing to meet your needs. Additionally, guests can access an app to receive charging updates and relax, without worrying about where to find the next station.


duve logo

Duve boasts an impressive 300% boost in revenue for its clients. The end-to-end platform offers property management for independent hotel brands and vacation rental owners. Hoteliers and property owners especially like how Duve maintains their unique brand throughout every guest communication. 

Best Channel & Reservation Management Tools


Smoobu logo

Smoobu has a built-in communications manager, booking engine, online check-in, and more for 70,000 global listings. The company doesn’t take commission, but still protects you from any double bookings while skyrocketing occupancy. 

Customer service is generally agreed to be helpful in 7 different languages. Moreover, the website has an extensive video library to help with implementation. The free, 2-week trial is a nice bonus as well.


jurny logo

Jurny is a hospital technology company with hotel management software as its spotlight product. Almost every Capterra review for Jurny is positive, with users applauding its user-friendly dashboard, smart thermostats and locks, and guest screening. 

Jurny offers a few pricing plans, but the Mos Pro with custom quotes features the much-coveted AI guest screening, 24/7 guest support, and revenue management.


Rentivo logo

Rentivo is a property management software that specializes in enterprise clients with large rental portfolios. CEO Richard Vaughton is a seasoned rental tech expert with experience owning 100+ UK properties. 

The platform offers uniquely tailored websites while managing listings on other sites. Rentivo also covers marketing, payment processing, and many integrations. Plus, they have specialized experience dealing with cryptocurrency.


airguide logo

Airguide is a relatively new (founded in 2021) guidebook app that uses custom images, descriptions, and videos to help hosts communicate with their clients. For example, if a unit has a common issue easily rectified, you can include a quick YouTube video onto your app — saving both the hosts’ and clients’ time.


Kigo is a global platform for vacation rental property managers to help scale businesses. The company offers marketing support to find leads, guest support, and even a premium website package. 

It also offers integrations with other software like Price Labs, Turnover, and Siga. The only downside we notice is the high cost of “platinum support” for $500/month.


CiiRUS logo

Based in Florida, Ciirus is a vacation rental software that offers cloud and on-premises options. They feature guest management, accounting management, and even a unique task manager for hosts to book maintenance and housekeeping visits. 

Ciirus also offers a Plus plan where property owners can access merchandising and marketing services, 24/7 support, liability coverage, damage protection, and more. 


getdirect logo

Direct is a short-term rental management company offering a SaaS platform to property managers. Automated workflows, channel management, accounting, and payment processing help users scale their business portfolios and performance. 

We especially like the company’s transparency in pricing, offering a draggable scale where you can estimate pricing depending on your number of units. Finally, Direct also has an ancillary feature to help you upsell services and increase revenue.

Best Airbnb Software Tools


zeevou logo

Zeevou is a global hospitality platform supporting over 3,000 units across the globe. This company prides itself on being more of a community than anything — with it, you can access educational opportunities and learn from other experienced property owners in the field. Easy, automated processes help you streamline your business, even if you have many properties. 


avantio logo

Avantio is a short- and long-term rental software with automated processes, easy synchronizable booking, and digital marketing techniques to improve your performance. 

Over 900 property management companies use Avantio, applauding its many functionalities and scaling potential. 

A nice bonus is the dedicated account manager, serving as a one-point contact for every need. 

Vacation Rental Software for Small Businesses


barefoot logo

Barefoot is a vacation rental management software with 91% of Capterra reviews four stars or above. North Carolina Real Estate Commission-approved Barefoot offers various revenue management tools like dynamic and promotional pricing. Additionally, it features an impressive Trust Accounting functionality and seamless workflow management. 

Users applaud Barefoot’s customizable features and reports and responsive customer service staff.

TIDY for Rentals

tidy logo

Some property managers already have vacation rental software for guest management, reports, and marketing. TIDY for Rentals offers a dedicated automated maintenance and housekeeping service. 

Of course, you can send out job requests and easily process payments to vendors. But TIDY even goes so far as to use AI and twin your property to provide maintenance suggestions!


iGMS logo

iGMS is a comprehensive vacation software for owners, property managers, and entire vacation rental companies. The company boasts a 70% time-saving efficiency (owners) and an uptick in guest reviews.

You can even add dynamic pricing to every property with seamless integration to Wheelhouse

Free Vacation Rental Software

There aren’t many free vacation rental software, though you can find “free” plans where you only pay for commission.  

While free trials and less expensive plans can be a great place to start, you can’t reap the benefits of AI-powered insights and complete automation for free.

What is Vacation Rental Management Software?

Vacation rental management software makes life easier for a property owner, manager, or company. It helps streamline tedious processes, organize your portfolio, improve guest experience, and inform business strategies. 

Features & Benefits of Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Software Pricing

There’s no straight answer to this. Pricing depends on the type of software and the pricing plan. 

Most software on our list has three- or four-tiered subscription prices, either charged as a flat monthly fee or per-property or per-unit fee. Some options charge a revenue percentage instead, while others charge an implementation fee. 

A lot of software on this list requires a demo before providing pricing.

Get Started With the Best Vacation Rental Software

Think about the parts of your business you hate doing or that take the longest time. The best vacation rental software will smoothen, speed up, or take care of those tasks. 

But no matter where you are in your business, each property demands informed pricing. It’s simply something you can’t do without AI and market data. That’s why we created Wheelhouse: to help business and property owners like you better inform their pricing. 

Ready to see Wheelhouse’s capabilities? Try it out for free today!


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