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June 4, 2021 | Amelia Melching


Wheelhouse has been fortunate to grow alongside our community of the brightest minds and hustlers in the short-term rental space.

Leading operators across all aspects of the business have joined Wheelhouse Founder & CEO, Andrew Kitchell to share best practices, case studies, pricing strategies, and so much more. We’re happy to share these valuable lessons with our community so you can grow with us too!

Check out our consolidated list of past webinars below to catch up on insights we’ve shared so far, the list is updated regularly with the most recent content.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing Discussion: Wheelhouse vs Price Labs

This episode of Host to Host shares the best of what businesses have to offer hosts. Understand why you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using dynamic pricing, and view a side by side comparison of the Wheelhouse and Price Labs systems directly from the founders themselves.

Revenue Manager’s Guide to Short-Term Rental Pricing in 2021

Andrew is joined by Wheelhouse’s Revenue Management expert, John deRoulet for a deep dive analysis of a portfolio to show you how to Check your assumptions, Find your mix of risk & reward, Turn data into patterns, and so much more.


How Revenue Management Is Like Driving A Tesla

Jordan Locke, Founder & Principal Consultant at RevPARTY, joins Andrew to discuss the interplay between human revenue management and automated pricing software. Learn how and why they are more powerful together in this dynamic session.


Responding Rapidly to the Recovery

Andrew is joined by Wheelhouse’s Revenue Management expert, John deRoulet to discuss how to respond to rapidly changing demand patterns as markets begin to re-open. Uncover revenue management tips and strategies in a year in which you may not be able to rely on historical demand patterns in your market.


Airbnb Pricing and Occupancy Strategies

Andrew joins Ryan Luke, CEO of Luke Homes to discuss Airbnb pricing and occupancy best practices. Ryan dives into tweaking his portfolio to maximize profit as Andrew chats through revenue management maintenance. Learn how to drive more profit into your business, why short term rentals are the greatest unlocking in the hospitality industry’s history, and much, much more.


Competitive Set Mastery – Are you outperforming your true competitors?

Heather Richer, Partner Consultant at Richer Logic, joins Andrew to discuss how to leverage competitive intel to outperform your competition. Learn how to price against the right custom CompSets, why you need to know about RevPar Index, and how to take your revenue management to the next level. See the breakouts here: CompSet Mastery: Benchmarking 101CompSet Mastery: RevPAR IndexCompSet Mastery: Building Revenue Management

Pricing Engine

Dr. Andreas Buschermohle Explains the Wheelhouse Pricing Engine

Dr Andreas Buschermohle (PhD) leads the Data Science & Engineering team at Wheelhouse. His team has led the development of the most advanced dynamic pricing engine in the short-term rental space. Learn how the various components of Wheelhouse’s pricing have been developed, and how they will evolve next.

Wheelhouse & KeyData Partnership Launch

Join Andrew and Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data, as they discuss the groundbreaking partnership between Wheelhouse and Key Data. This webinar will provide an in-depth look at how the partnership benefits property managers.


The Next Evolution of STR Data

KeyData, BreezeWay & Safely on the future of Pricing, Ops & Customer Data. Learn from some of the best minds in travel for a discussion of how the world of data & software will continue to evolve in the coming years, and how it can positively impact your business. Watch to grab some ideas you can implement immediately to improve your portfolio!


Eliminating the Black Box Around Dynamic Pricing with Streamline

How Wheelhouse is bringing 100% transparency to Revenue Management


Industry & Strategy

Leading Revenue Management Podcast hosted by Rentals United’s Head of Revenue Success and Wheelhouse’s very own Revenue Management Expert and Head of Enterprise Sales, John DeRoulet.
We’re seeing a trend where Short Term Rental, Mid Term Rental, Long Term Rental are no longer siloed. These 3 types of stays are beginning to converge. Increasingly travelers are looking for flexible length stays. The panel will discuss the revenue and distribution strategies available for PMs with products to leverage these options to create the optimal mix of Revenue.
Topics included extended stay trends from business travel to corporate housing, the current challenges with existing property management system (PMS) technology, what features are required for extended stays, yield management, and more.
With speakers: Andrew Kitchell, CEO & Founder of Wheelhouse, Cindy Diffenderfer, Co-Founder & CEO or Orion Haus, and Andrew Gaucher, Founder & President of GGroup

Questions? Reach out anytime – hello@usewheelhouse.com


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