Guesty Review: The 5 Best Features Every User Recommends

May 24, 2021 | BY wheelhouse

With almost everything digitized now, short-term property management businesses must upgrade the way they do transactions. Gone are the days of manually tracking records and keeping a plethora of paperwork.

The advent of property management software has undoubtedly made everything easier for property managers and their clients.

Guesty is among the leading property management platforms used by short-term rental managers. Its built-in features have ultimately provided positive experiences to users.

Let’s look into the 5 best features that every Guesty user recommends.

Guesty Review: The 5 Best Features Every User Recommends

Wide-Ranging Automation Tools

Software automation is essential in property management. It eliminates human error and saves time for tedious and extensive tasks.

Guesty’s wide-ranging automation tools allow rental managers to streamline business operations. You can automate daily activities from listings, pricing, and managing reservations to monitoring staff, scheduling cleanings, and keeping track of financial transactions.

The automation features have made it possible for rental business owners to reduce manpower while leaving them with more time to concentrate on growing their business.


Multiple Channel Management

Listing your rentals on multiple booking platforms is immensely challenging if you don’t have an effective channel manager to bring all your business transactions together in one place.

The good news is, Guesty’s channel manager makes it a lot easier to keep up with different bookings and queries. It has a broad range of management tools that allow users to integrate reservations and listing details from different channels effortlessly.

With a single account, you can check the status of properties on multiple booking platforms, resulting in less workload yet greater reach and more revenue.

24/7 Guest Communication Services

Keeping an open line of communication for your guests is extremely important. In fact, it is often the most significant contributing factor to getting a negative or 5-star review. But with all the responsibilities at hand, promptly answering guest inquiries can be challenging.
Fortunately, Guesty’s communication services can provide around-the-clock correspondence to guests on your behalf. Their guest communication experts are willing to work with you to provide responses that are in line with your brand and rules.

Seamless Payment Processing

Securing a reliable payment processing system is crucial for every property management business.

Note that it isn’t only about making payments, tracking transactions, and sending receipts to guests at the snap of a finger. You also need to ensure that credit card and guest information are ultimately safe.

It can be achieved with Guesty’s payment processing system. With its payment processor, you can securely charge fees and safely store the guest’s billing information.


Website Generator

Having a booking website is an essential marketing tool for a property management business. Guesty’s website generator can help you do this.

With one click and at no additional cost, you can market your properties online on your website. Keep in mind that a personal booking website can put you ahead of your competition.

Leverage Guesty’s Features and Functionalities
Technology has changed the way people do business. As property owners, leveraging Guesty’s features, and functionalities can help you adapt quickly to the ever-changing market. It’s the perfect technical support for your business’s stability and longevity.