Transparent Vacation Rental Data Review

November 10, 2022 | Hailey Friedman

In this day and age, information is everything. Being able to capture, analyze, and draw insights from data is invaluable. 

A perfect example is the rental data used by short-term rental analytic software. Whether it’s competitive insights or dynamic pricing, these programs help with property management, revenue management, guest management, and more. 

Transparent, a vacation rental data platform, provides insights to support property owners, hotels, enterprises, and more. But should you use Transparent to support your short-term rental business? 

We’ll answer all of this with a review of Transparent features, software, and pricing, and include an overview of some Transparent alternatives.

Transparent Review

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Transparent is a start-up located in Madrid, Spain under the umbrella of OTA Insight that works to maximize revenue, optimize rates, increase occupancy, and inform investments. 

The platform’s algorithm processes millions of individual properties found on Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, Homeaway, and VRBO across the globe. In one of their dashboards, you can see the distribution of all of the listed properties. 

Through the supply view, you can visualize your market of interest with the possibility of applying filters to monitor supply, occupancy, demand, and availability.


Transparent Pricing

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In addition to custom pricing packages, Transparent offers:

Smart Rental Free

Smart Rental Pro

Smart Rental Pro costs $240.25 per month and market. It’s billed annually at $2,883,13. This option is mostly aimed at property managers in charge of more than 15 properties.

Transparent BI

Transparent BI (Businesses Intelligence), the most expensive option, starts at $499 per month or is billed annually at $5,998. It’s geared towards property management businesses with more than 40 properties looking to scale. Building on the previous packages, these enterprises receive:

Transparent Alternatives

While Transparent might be a good option, it’s challenging to see exactly what they offer and how their current customers feel about the product. Plus, one software isn’t always a fit for every vacation property manager. 

That’s why we’ve offered some Transparent alternatives to try.

1. Wheelhouse


Wheelhouse is a rental software tool for dynamic pricing. Our algorithm tracks over 10,000,000 data points to ensure the digital accommodation of your property in the market. You can earn up to 40% more revenue and scale your portfolio with ease with the only fully transparent Pricing Engine in hospitality.

And we’ve been recognized by our supportive peers, who chose us as DARM 2021 People’s Choice Award for Innovation of the Year.

wheelhouse pricing

Both of these can increase your earnings up to 22,6% more and offer booking scores; limitless manual updates and portfolio dashboards with personalized settings, strategies, and rates. You’ll have an eye on the next 18 months for pricing, and 6 months for performance. You will have support through chat, email, and even Zoom.

You can also create an account and try out the free market report where you will be able to check listing analysis and other features.

Interested in more profits right now?

Try Wheelhouse Today!

2. Mashvisor

Mashvisor is a short-term rental data tool oriented toward real estate investment optimization through automation. It can be used by real estate investment beginners interested in vacation rental data and property managers alike. Their AI helps evaluate the performance of around 450,000 properties.

3. AirDNA

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AirDNA is a short-term rental data company that collects and processes data to offer insights into the short-term rental management market. 

It evaluates performance and informs investment and can be used to manage the availability of short-term rental properties. It is an option for large property management companies, individual property managers, and sole homeowners. Their main softwares are MarketMinder™ for individuals, and Performance Dashboard™ for enterprises and large groups.

Bottom Line on Transparent Rental Analytic Software

There are many challenges when it comes to vacation rental property management. Ensuring the accommodation of your future guests; finding those guests and screening them; and setting the right price in an ever-changing market are just some of the challenges that landlords and property managers have to face. 

Whether you are managing a single-family home or trying to get a good performance for your client’s portfolio, the best way to stand out is to employ the best short-term rental data software. 

Transparent has a large database, but it’s challenging to see the actual impact this has provided its clients. For truly transparent rental data analytics, Wheelhouse comes out on top.

While you take care of your guests’ accommodation, Wheelhouse takes care of your property’s accommodation in diverse listings. The software includes an adaptable pricing tool, market insights, competition data monitoring, and ultimate customization capabilities, and customers love our intuitive interface and endless customization capabilities, including far-future predictions and risk tolerance. 

Get started with Wheelhouse today!


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