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Mission and Importance of this Role

Onboarding Consultants at Wheelhouse are an integral component of Wheelhouse’s mission to be the foremost experts in our space. Using their comprehensive knowledge of Revenue Management and of Wheelhouse they will provide support to clients during the adoption of the Wheelhouse platform. The Onboarding Consultant assists with developing the revenue strategy with the customer, implementing the strategy, and ensuring they are trained for proficient use of the platform post onboarding. Onboarding Consultants are the keystone of trust with our clients demonstrating the team’s knowledge and commitment to Revenue Management success. Onboarding Consultants work creatively to enable client strategies and resolve complications and objections in their pricing, configuration, or tech stack. Coordinating closely with Account Management, Customer Success, and Sales, Onboarding Consultants will be the face of Wheelhouse’s expertise by supporting these teams cross functionally and developing educational content on both Revenue Management and the Wheelhouse platform. 

Job Level



Wheelhouse is seeking a mature, creative and independent teammate - with 2+ years of demonstrated success as a Revenue Manager - who is eager to represent and help develop the top Revenue Management System in the VR/STR Space. Onboarding Consultants must demonstrate exceptional communication and listening skills and be willing and eager to problem solve complex solutions with clients, assist AE’s (Account Executives) with closing enterprise clients, and provide Enterprise client support to AM’s (Account Managers) through demonstrating Wheelhouse’s knowledge and commitment to client success. As a public face of Revenue Management at Wheelhouse, Onboarding Consultants must have a natural passion for Revenue management and a desire to teach both the Wheelhouse team internally and the industry at large.


Job Description

We’re looking for someone who:

Wheelhouse’s ideal Onboarding Consultant is a creative deep thinker with a penchant for effective communication who enjoys cracking complex puzzles while working with a wide range of personalities and experience levels. The Wheelhouse Onboarding Consultant is an expert in their field and is eager to speak to clients and partners and excited to find the best strategies and solutions to support their success. The Wheelhouse Onboarding Consultant understands the unique situations that arise in Revenue Management and enjoys finding novel and creative solutions for users. As a teacher, the Wheelhouse Onboarding Consultant is committed to developing Revenue Management in our fast developing industry and is ecstatic to train and teach customers while growing the Wheelhouse platform. 

As is par for the course, the ability to enthusiastically convey complex ideas while identifying the best solutions for users from our wide range of options is essential. The good news? We have a fun story to share, a platform with an NPS of 80+, essentially no churn, and a product team that ships meaningful, new features rapidly. In short - Wheelhouse is a beloved product that is truly pushing the envelope on Revenue management in the VR and STR space.

We enjoy teammates who can think strategically and critically, and always have an eye toward scaling our platform ever faster.


What you'll be doing:

  • Lead Onboarding processes with clients to ensure timely adherence to onboarding schedules and adequate support for clients. Where Wheelhouse is contracted to do onboarding for clients, Onboarding Consultants are responsible for gathering necessary materials, communicating decisions and questions to clients, developing strategy to be implemented, and coordinating configuration.
  • Support Sales AE’s and AM’s on calls with customers assisting in understanding current Revenue Management practices and identifying how to implement those strategies within the Wheelhouse platform while identifying opportunities to improve their processes by using the platform.
  • Be willing to be part of client facing video calls during the week (an average of 7-10 calls per week) either with prospective customers, current customers, or cross functional members of the Wheelhouse team.
  • Assist Sales AE’s and AM's in resolving complex questions or problems regarding client’s specific strategies or the implementation of Wheelhouse into their Tech Stack.
  • Work with sales AE’s to identify which components of the platform would be most important to clients to assist in their sales process.
  • Provide ongoing Revenue Management support and advice to enterprise clients.
  • Be available to communicate with clients about Revenue strategy, how to implement new Wheelhouse features, and improve their use of the platform.
  • Create Revenue Management related content to educate users and the industry in Revenue Management practices and strategies. Innovate new ideas and practices to share with the industry and establish Wheelhouse as the foremost Revenue experts in our industry.
  • Create content educating on the effective use and implementation of Wheelhouse features.
  • Plan and Participate in industry discussions (such as webinars) to further understanding of Revenue Management in the industry. 
  • Contribute to the development and innovation of the Wheelhouse product roadmap by designing and brainstorming ideas and features which keep Wheelhouse on the forefront of Revenue Management in our space.

Your first 90 Days:

You’ll work directly with Wheelhouse sales teammates & leadership - observing conversations with clients, learning the platform, learning the systems/software our team leverages, and mastering the ins/outs of our industry. 

As you gain comfort with the product & space (est. 3 - 5 weeks), you will be asked to assist AE’s in enterprise sales calls providing your expertise on strategy and implementation of the product while making yourself available to clients in the onboarding and during post-live check-ins. 

During this time you will be tasked with assisting in onboarding Wheelhouse clients by evaluating their present strategies and proposing configurations that are acceptable to clients. You will actively utilize the Wheelhouse system to implement client configurations and assist the AE in meeting onboarding schedules on time.

When not assisting in Sales conversations or Onboarding we will ask you to start to develop content that can be utilized for both marketing and education. This can include videos/articles which provide instruction and ideas for implementation of Wheelhouse features, evergreen training content on revenue management principles and, conversations about strategy and trends we see in the markets today. 

Processes and procedures will be provided to you, however as this is a collaborative & fast evolving startup environment, this means we are excited to work with you to strategize, optimize and improve processes, strategies and experiments for the benefit of the entire Wheelhouse team.


Perks and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits for each US employee
  • Fidelity 401k available for each US employee
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Extended & Competitive Benefits plan

About Us:

Wheelhouse is a fintech platform for the $500B+ flex rental space. Most specifically, we enable short & mid-length stay providers with 1 to 100,000+ listings to earn 20%+ more from their rental properties. 
In 2021, our target customer segment voted our platform “Innovation of the Year” at the Data & Revenue Management conference. This sentiment is shared by our customers, as evidenced by our platforms low churn and rapidly growing ARPU. In 2022, we closed a significant funding round, with participation from many of the best tech, travel & real estate investors. We’re lucky to have a long runway, low burn, and rapidly growing revenue.
As a team, we enjoy shipping products our customers love, on time or ahead of schedule, while balancing work/life & having fun together. We’re best described as transparent & collaborative, and we strive to set our teammates up for success - both professionally & personally. We’re a remote-first, work-anywhere, and “yes - you should make time for that adventure/vacation” company, who believes that “healthy hustle” is the key to good growth.
We’re experienced business & product builders who have founded multiple companies together, know our category extremely well, and recognize how rare/special it is to be perfectly positioned around a big opportunity with a very strong cross-functional team.
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