Billing and refund policy

When do I get billed for my Wheelhouse Subscription?

This depends on your Wheelhouse subscription, see below.

Wheelhouse Pro Flat Plan/Wheelhouse Dynamic Sets Plan:
  • Beginning of Each Calendar Month. For each listing you have subscribed to a Wheelhouse Pro Flat Plan or each Wheelhouse Dynamic Set you have created, you will be billed on or around the second day of each calendar month in advance for the amount due per listing or per dynamic set for such month.
  • Adding a Listing or a Dynamic Set on a Day Other Than the Beginning of Each Calendar Month. For each listing or dynamic set you have subscribed to a Wheelhouse Pro Flat Plan or a Wheelhouse Dynamic Sets Plan on a date other than the first day of a calendar month, you will be charged on or around the date you elect such subscription, in advance, for the proportionate remaining days of such calendar month (with the number of days remaining in such month as the numerator and the actual number of days in each month as the denominator).

Wheelhouse Pro Flex Plan:

For any listings subscribed to the Wheelhouse Pro Flex Plan, you will be billed on or around the second day of each calendar month in arrears for the percentage of monthly booking revenue accrued and payable to Wheelhouse from the prior month (without proration and regardless of which day of the prior month you subscribed to such plan). If a minimum fee is applicable to any listing, such fee shall be assessed in arrears on or around the second day of the following calendar month.

Wheelhouse Enterprise Plan:

You will be charged as set forth by your agreement with Wheelhouse.

Wheelhouse Free Plan:

You will not be charged for use of a Wheelhouse Free Plan.

Can I get a refund on a Wheelhouse Product Subscription?

Unless required by applicable law, payments made by you for any Wheelhouse product subscription aren’t refundable.

Cancellations of Reservations For Listings on Wheelhouse Pro Flex Plans


  • You have any listings subscribed to a Wheelhouse Pro Flex Plan,
  • You were charged for a reservation booked and that reservation was subsequently canceled before the stay date, and
  • the Company can verify the same,

then you will receive a credit of the amount charged to your account of such previously charged amount relating to such booking, typically within 1-2 billing cycles of such canceled booking.

Listing Downgrades; Account Cancellations:

If you downgrade a listing from a paid Wheelhouse product plan to a Wheelhouse Free Plan or you otherwise cancel your account, you will not receive a refund for any portion of the days that remain in the month in which you downgrade or cancel your Wheelhouse product subscription and you will be responsible for all remaining fees due to Wheelhouse (e.g., monthly minimum fees).

Please note

To ensure you are not charged at the beginning of the following month, downgrade to the Free Tier by the end of the current month at 11:59 pm UTC.

Learn how to cancel or downgrade a Wheelhouse subscription.

If you have an issue with your account, or think there’s been an error in billing, please chat with us for more help.

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