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Wheelhouse offers two products, our flagship product, Dynamic Pricing and our new offering, Dynamic Sets. You can choose one, or both!

Product 01

Dynamic Pricing plans

Wheelhouse Pro

Select the right pricing plan for each listing, to maximize the profitability of your portfolio

Pro Flex


of revenue**

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50+ listings
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  • * $2.99 minimum monthly fee
  • ** Does not include taxes or fees
  • ** Billing occurs at time of reservation
  • ** Cancellations are refunded

Pro Flat


per listing per month

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10–49 listings
$16.99 - 15%
50+ listings
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Wheelhouse works with premier operators to provide an array of data, software & services for your team’s custom needs.

For portfolios of 50+, we’d love to discuss your goals around your business, portfolio or property.

Product 02

Dynamic Sets plan

Access Wheelhouse Navigator to explore listings in an innovative mapping interface with 18 filter categories including amenities, operators, occupancy and even cleaning fees. Then, create an ideal Set for every scenario to influence your Dynamic Pricing strategy.

Define several Set types
Leverage throughout Wheelhouse
Assign listings to any Set


per set per month

For all plans

Features to drive portfolio revenue & growth

See how every aspect of Wheelhouse can help your team transform insights to actions, immediately.

Custom boundaries

Store 1 to 1000+ listings, from a single or multiple markets to a Set

Innovative benchmarking

Track a variety of Sets like Competitive, Multi-Market, Owner Acquisition, Merchandising and more.

Personalized insights

Leverage any Set in several aspects of Wheelhouse to contextualize your performance

Unlimited updates

Make as many changes as you'd like to fine-tune your pricing strategy.

Historical performance

15-months of listing's historical performance.

Custom rates

Create unlimited fixed rates for key dates

Daily price syncing

When enabled, prices sync to your connected accounts every day.

Portfolio view

Access your whole portfolio's strategies and calendars.

Future performance

6 months of forward-looking performance data.

Filtering & tags

See only what's relevant to you and take action.

Version history

Quickly and easily revert any changes made to your strategy.

Notes & reminders

Leave notes on specific days or ranges to track changes and notify teammates.


Get notified when specific events occur.

API access

Wheelhouse is designed so any team can build on top of our robust APIs.

24/7 support system

24-7 email and chat support plus Zoom calls.


Use one of our 3 strategies to build your pricing.

Data-driven settings

Our pricing engine settings provide data-driven recommendations.

18 months pricing

18 months forward-looking pricing you can sync to your calendar.

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Wheelhouse has already proven to be a meaningful tool for our team. We are particularly appreciative of: The dynamism of the tool, which gives us full autonomy over every restriction/yielding tactic, insights into the algorithm’s rate recommendations, and fully-exportable data.

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