Introducing Dynamic Sets

The new benchmark for hospitality performance

Versatile, personalizable sets, designed from the ground up for a new hospitality landscape
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The "Why"

Bring clarity to a complex landscape

Making informed financial decisions is all about context. Modern hospitality operators face the challenge of making sense of increasing diverse supply & stay patterns. Dynamic Sets is designed to ensure you are always a step ahead, no matter the shape of your portfolio.

New Framework

Highly distributed
Unique & diverse
Ever-changing supply
Broad usability

The new way

Dynamic set

The old way

Traditional comp set


Single market


Single category

Operator filters

Unclear operators

Amenity filters

Limited amenities

Dynamic environment

Static environment

Many comps

Few, clear comps

Easily portable

Not portable

Diverse, applicable data

Limited, disparate data

Unique & diverse

Broad usability

Comprehensive and growing datasets

Sets provides a broad range of data–from listings attributes to detailed performance analytics.

Asking rate

Asking rate graph


Bedrooms graph

Listing count

Listing count

Average rating

Average rating


Types of amenities

Avg. nightly revenue

Nightly revenue graph

Average occupancy

Average occupancy

Bookable nights

Bookable nights graph

Cleaning fee

Average cleaning fee graph

Asking rate

Asking rate graph

Bookable nights

Bookable nights graph

Broad usability

The right context to inform every decision

Bring your Dynamic Sets into the Wheelhouse application to inform the decisions you make on pricing, strategy and owner comms

Set overview & insights

Better understand nearby listings and trends in the market.

In-context pricing

Build, maintain & automate the optimal pricing strategies for your portfolio.


Evaluate your portfolio’s performance and identify insights for growth.

And, for everywhere else

Whenever you need to do further work, we've made it easy to export your Dynamic Set data to use in external tooling.



Build sets for every business scenario

Merchandising set

Zoom out to determine which amenities & merchandising strategies the highest performers any/every where are leveraging to outperform the market.

Owner acquisition set

Track detailed and up-to-date performance metrics on unmanaged or managed properties to inform highly targeted and effective outreach in any season.

Competitive set

Lock in on a specific set of listings that can fine tue your benchmarking, pricing strategy, or portfolio optimizations that allow you to outperform anyone.

(Multi) Market set

Track a large set listings - from any number of markets - based on an inventory type, property size, or amenity or more, to understand the big picture.


Unique & diverse

Unmatched versatility

Broader Orlando

Market set to do this, and this and finally this

Ocala, FL

21 listings

Orlando, FL

74 listings

Dayton Beach, FL

14 listings
Without boundaries

Store 1 to 1000+ listings, from a single or multiple markets

Modern 3bdr/3bth

2311 Tidecrest Avenue, Orlando, FL

Set xyz

xyz listings

Set abc

xyz listings

Broader Orlando

xyz listings
Organized around you

Assign your listings to any number of Dynamic Sets

Broader Orlando

Market set to do this, and this and finally this

Listing 01


Listing 02


Listing 03

Modify anytime

Lock in a fixed set or modify anytime to make ensure a precise set

Wheelhouse Navigator

Powered by Navigator

Navigator is our innovative mapping interface that is used to create Dynamic Sets. Navigator is designed to help bring clarity to a more complex hospitality landscape, which increasingly features unique, flexible, and highly distributed inventory.

Learn about Navigator
Easy to use
Navigator makes it easy to explore locations and view insights
Dynamic visualizations
Display, filter and colorize listings on the map using 15+ graphs
Advanced features
Navigator has 3D mapping, boundaries, pop ups, and layers all baked in

As a company, we perform an incredible amount of due diligence.  There was one clear product and team that stood head and shoulders above any other we evaluated - Wheelhouse.

Bryant Loy

Bryant Loy

Director of revenue management & marketing



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