V Trips Vacation Rental Review

August 9, 2022 | Amelia Melching

Are you thinking of renting out your Southern United States vacation home? Finding a reliable vacation rental company amidst all the options is hard. We’ll help you narrow down your options by breaking down the pros and cons of VTrips in our VTrips vacation rental review. 

VTrips services countless cities in Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and more. The property management company highlights its impeccable customer service in its superb maintenance schedules, client relationships, and price transparency. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect property management company, we’ll help you narrow it down with this fulsome VTrips vacation rental review.

VTrips Overview

Let’s start with the basics: who runs VTrips, what are they all about, and are you covered in their locations?

What is VtripsT

Vtrips homepage

VTrips is a vacation rental and end-to-end service property management company operating in the Southern United States. Starting with only a handful of Southeastern states and Hawaii, the company acquired a few local vacation rental management companies to expand to Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and a few others.

Who owns VTrips?

Steve Milo is the founder and CEO of VTrips. He started with only a few properties and worked in eCommerce tech. Combining those two pieces of expertise, he founded VTrips and built it up to a 1,000-person company with over 7,000 listings in the Southern US. 

VTrips Locations

The most notable locations on Vtrips are Galveston, Fort Meyers, St. Augustine, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge.

Here’s a quick list of the platform’s entirety of locations:

VTrips Review

Let’s dive into VTrips’ services, ratings, and customer insights from other platforms.

VTrips Property Management Services

SEO and Site Traffic: VTrips has SEO experts and digital marketing professionals on staff to ensure their site is continuously optimized to reach as many users as possible through search queries. 

Moreover, the site’s informative listing descriptions and professional photos fare well with Google’s crawlers and appeal to our audiences (your guests). 

Housekeeping: VTrips has a dedicated cleaning staff and outsources cleaning where necessary to ensure guests always come to a clean unit. However, some guests suggest that the high cleaning charges don’t match the unit’s cleanliness. 

Rating System: VTrips listings are rated diamond, gold, silver, bronze, and copper. The system makes guests feel comfortable booking with high-quality hosts and units, and offers credible transparency.

Professional Linen Program: VTrips offers a professional linen program where the company takes care of all your bedding needs with the finest linens for a few hundred dollars a year. 

Unique Dashboard: Property owners can review their listing performance and analytics on a dedicated personal dashboard. 

Dynamic Pricing: We all know how valuable a dynamic pricing strategy is for a vacation rental business. VTrips includes one in its property management services, though they don’t offer much detail. If you want a transparent, effective, data-driven dynamic pricing tool to use along with VTrips, try Wheelhouse. 

Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing software for short-term rentals eliminates the chance for human error in your pricing strategy. The software includes an adaptable pricing tool, market insights, competition data monitoring, and ultimate customization capabilities, and customers love our intuitive interface and endless customization capabilities, including far-future predictions and risk tolerance. Get started with Wheelhouse now.

Dedicated Management Team: VTrips has an extensive roster of knowledgeable staff available for your needs for longer hours than competitors. The company boasts a second-to-none customer service team that places your listing with a direct agent. 

Verdict? These are great property management services to offer, especially the listing optimization through dedicated digital marketers.

VTrips Ratings on Other Platforms

VTrips has listings featured on other vacation rental sites like Vrbo. Most reviews on the company itself are available on business credibility sites like TrustPilot. 

Here are some average ratings for VTrips: 

Google: 3.7/5

TrustPilot: 3.2/5

What Reviewers Want You to Know About VTrips

Many VTrips reviews are from guests, but that’s still relevant for you as a property owner. Why? Because you want to make sure VTrips lives up to their impressive claims of excellence. 

Here’s what online reviewers said about VTrips:

Positive Highlights

“I had an awesome experience with Booking with Vacation VIP. Customer rep ***** was very patient and very helpful with my booking! Look forward to the next Vacation already!”

  • Joi D

I had to call them about a serious maintenance problem on the second day. They responded quickly and worked until the problem was solved. They answered all phone calls no matter what time of day or night. I was pleased when THEY suggested they might review our problem for compensation. I did not have to ask. They reimbursed me very fairly for my inconvenience.

  • Kandy C. 

“We actually spent two weeks at this condo and it was comfortable and clean. When we arrived we did have a few minor issues that were dealt with in a timely manner.”

  • Jane R. 

“Unit was clean, great view, and the price affordable.”

  • Jessica H. 

Property management companies will experience guest issues from time to time, but how they address those issues tells us about their service. The second review noting fair compensation and prompt action for a maintenance issue shows VTrips in a favorable light. 

Pro tip: Note how VTrips customer service team treats you in your communications. Chances are they’ll be just as polite to your guests. However, if you notice anything unsettling, bring it to their attention before your guests arrive.

Negative Highlights

When it comes to negative reviews, VTrips responds to most complaints with an invitation to email them to further investigate the issues. 

Pro tip: Based on these reviews, ensure you know what you’re getting when renting your property with VTrips, as you should with any vacation rental management company!

VTrips Owner Portal

If you already work with VTrips you can access their owner portal through: 


Bottom Line on VTrips Property Management

VTrips is a dedicated property management and vacation rental company specializing in Southern US. For property owners and managers in the area, it’s comforting to know that VTrips specializes in your state or city. 

Once you find your perfect vacation rental management company, continue the path to increased revenue and profits with Wheelhouse.


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